Alicia Lu Lin

Alicia Lu Lin is an independent architect, with her studio currently based in Yunnan. Before coming back to China, she studied Architecture in Norway(MArch), Germany and New Zealand(BArch), and had practiced at Studio Makkink and Bey(NL), Opa Form(NO), Beca Groups(NZ) and Kengo Kuma and Associates(JP). Both her previous research and current practice focuses on the material of wood, questioning the value of its physical presence and traditions, experimenting with old/new tectonics and craftsmanship, also using wood to regrow memory of a place as urban/village acupunctures, especially now in one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. Currently she also teaches design part-time at Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University in Suzhou.




Antonio Berton

Antonio holds a Master in Architecture from the University of Venice in Italy. After experiences in different countries in Europe and Asia and having collaborated for some of the most renewed firms in the fields among them Kengo Kuma and Ole Scheeren, he moved to China in 2010 and founded Young H Design, a young and dynamic partnership of professional creatives working in the field of interior design and architecture, developing a strong background in residential and office spaces as well as commercials.




Freja Lijia BAO
Company: Kengo Kuma & Associates 隈研吾建築都市設計事務所

Currently working at Kengo Kuma Tokyo Office, Freja did her undergraduate at the XJTLU in 2010. After her Part I working experience, she continued her ARB/RIBA Part II at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. She later joined the KPF Architects London office. During her experience in London, she was involved in a few significant projects in the centre of London. In 2019, while completing her Part III Royal Architects Registration course, she moved to Tokyo and began to run smaller-scale culture projects.

Freja is specifically interested in the complex cultural and social contexts that inform architectural propositions, and in the possibilities of drawing as a tool to create new relationships between space, form and function. Her final year project at the Bartlett School was featured on Dezeen. Despite the interest in spaces, Freja has been actively involved in Arts, mainly in research and exploration of Chinese/Japanese paintings from architectural and narrative perspectives. Her works have been annually exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts (London).


Chen Li
Company: Sensor Architecture Studio 森舍建筑

Chen Li(黎辰) is the founder and chief architect of Sensor Architecture Studio(森舍建筑), based in Shanghai. He holds a Master in Urban Design from The City University of New York, a Bachelor in architecture from China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. He participated in various projects, from buildings to city-scale planning in public and private sectors. The diversity of his experience forged his sociological and artistic perspective for public space both in city and buildings. The projects recently he leads re-create terrains to meet the urbanization with public space in commercial buildings



Juan Yruela Castillo
Company: 上海鳄库建筑设计有限公司

Graduated from the ETSA (Architecture University) in Seville (Spain), Juan Yruela Castillo finished his Master’s Degree in 2004. After that, he had a training job in the prestigious Alberto Campo Baeza’s office. In 2007, he founded his own design office, performing all kind of projects in the local and international field, with some works in Portugal, Morocco, Scotland or Turkey. During this time and until 2013, he worked as an assistant teacher for Extremadura’s University for 2 years.

In 2014, he moved to China where he worked as International Design Manager for TeamZero Design and Planning (2014-2016) in Guangzhou and as a Design Director for Link+ Architects (2016-2018) in Shanghai. During his stay in China, he could continue with his academic profile, teaching in private schools and as a lecturer in Guangzhou Normal Technical Design University. He also took part in Design Seminars such as the prestigious Shenzhen Design Fair.

It was at the beginning of 2018 when he decided to start a partnership with Sheng Xu and set COOP studio office in Shanghai where he is currently developing his career. As a team and project manager, he showed his capability to run each project from the original sketches to the final construction plans and building works control, building contractor interactions and client dealing.


Kunkun Chen
Company: K+L Studio

K+L studio founder, AA emtech master and Tsinghua Arch Bachelor. Chief designer of Chengdu Temple House, in charge of architecture, interior, cladding, fit out, and site construction. Experienced in digital fabricating and coded forming, he is actively in collaboration with multiple institutions for architecture, pedestrian bridge, urban revive, landscape and art installation courses.




Shengze Chen
Company: CATS

Shengze Chen (Liaoning, 1987) founded CATS Studio in 2018 with Wenxin Huang and Yencheng Chen. Shengze holds BARCH from Tianjin University and MA in History and Critical Thinking from Architectural Association in London. At the AA, He initiated a comparative research on the social and moral dimensions of architecture between China and the UK. Shengze currently leads the design and technical practice at CATS, with a particular focus on mass timber architecture. Prior to founding CATS, Shengze’s professional experience includes OMA and Kengo Kuma and Associates.

In parallel with practice, Shengze began guest tutoring at XJTLU in 2020.



Jorge Gonzalez

Jorge holds a master’s in architecture and over 14 years International experience. Prior to settle his own practice, Jorge has been travelling around the world as a collaborator of winning-award studios.
In 2013, Atelierba Shanghai is born as boutique studio dedicated to design and research at various scales. We face every project with humanistic approach, conceptual thinking and experimental practices.






Marc Ginestet
Company: 上海骏地建筑设计 JUND Architects

Marc Ginestet is an Architect, Design Director at Shanghai JUND Architects CO., Ltd. He received his Master of Architecture from Paris-La-Villette School of Architecture in 2006 and practiced in different design firms in France & China. He participated in various projects, from buildings to city-scale planning in the public and private sectors. The diversity of his experiences forged his transdisciplinary design capabilities, allowing him to focus on projects that require unique, innovative design solutions.

In parallel to professional practice, Marc Ginestet has tutored students in design school, starting from 2018, and he is currently monitoring architecture students at XJTLU.






Zheng Gu
Company: Fusion Architects

He graduated from College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University in 2004 and was employed as project architect and associate partner by Shanghai JWDA Architects Co., Ltd., from 2005 to 2013. He is founding partner and chief architect of Fusion Architects since 2014.

He was employed as part-time tutor by Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation, Donghua University, from 2016 to 2018. He was employed as part-time tutor by Department of Architecture, XJTLU since 2019.


Toto Hu (Yongheng)
Company: T22 Architects Ltd

Toto is a UK ARB registered architect. He co-founded award-winning RIBA chartered practice T22 Architects Ltd. Toto is a partner of Reparametrize Studio, a researcher of AMPS architecture research group in the UK, a scientific committee for SIGRADI. Recently he is a guest lecturer at UNNC and a teaching fellow at Shanghai Jiaotong University. He holds an M.Arch with distinction under Professor Zaha Hadid and Kazuyo Sejima at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and a bachelor from RMIT University.



Jess Jiashi Yu
Company: Henning Larsen Architects & PLUS Studio

Jess Yu received a distinction for her M.Arch ARB/RIBA Part II at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. She finished her B.S in Architecture degree from University of Michigan, Taubman College winning both Wallenberg and Willeke awards. Previously she has worked as an architectural designer and team leader in world-renowned architecture offices including Henning Larsen, Bjarke Ingels Group, and PLY+ in Copenhagen, New York, Hong Kong, and Ann Arbor. Now, Jess is an architect at Henning Larsen’s Shanghai office, meanwhile running her own creative design practice PLUS Studio in Shanghai specialize in bespoke architecture, interior and graphic design.

Jess has a particular passion in architectural storytelling and communicating narratives and speculations through drawings. Her academic works were featured in multiple online platforms and exhibitions globally.


Marcial Jesus
Company: 100architects

Marcial is an architect with more than 12 years of international work experience, 10 of which have been spent developing architecture in China. Prior founding 100architects, he worked leading projects as an Associate Director at BENOY (UK) and Senior Architect at HASSELL (AU).

Marcial gained international work experience at FUKSAS in Rome, Italy (2009) and OMA in Rotterdam, Holland (2010), before relocating to Shanghai in 2011.

He graduated in 2010 from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning (FAU) of the Universidad de Chile in Santiago, and entered the Chilean Architects ‘Association as a licensed architect in 2011.
Marcial is currently leading the 100 Studio in Shanghai, developing projects with special focus in the public realm and hyper-stimulating architecture.


Dongxue Lei
Company: BEHIVE Architects

Dongxue Lei is a PhD candidate in Architecture at Nanjing University, China. Her research deals with socio-natural interactions in a hydrosocial territory of China and explores how design interventions across scales disturb socio-ecological resilience. Between 2019-2021, Lei was a visiting scholar at Parsons School of Design (New York) and involved in teaching architectural design and urban design studios and a theory class on urban form. Lei’s research interests center on design studies, cognitive data visualization, and urban ecologies. Her recent publication includes: The embodied resilience of architecture and built form. In Ungar, M. (Ed). Multisystemic resilience: Adaptation and transformation in contexts of change. Oxford University Press, USA.



Tong Lu

Lu Tong finished his advanced architecture studies at University of Applied Arts in Vienna (die Angewandte) as Master class student of Hernan Diaz Alonso. His design interest is form driven and his specialty is exploration of sophisticated forms. He is an advanced user of Maya and Z-Brush a highly regarded versatile CAD platform both used to create novel tectonics in architecture.

Tong is currently working for world renowned Chicago based practice JAHN’s Shanghai office, specializing in high-rise and large scale projects. Meanwhile he also served as a principal designer for a digital design studio named VOID. Tong is involved in teaching and academia extensively. He has taught modeling and digital fabrication in Tongji University, Fudan University’s Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts. He also participated in several workshops as a tutor, including IAAC Global Summer School and Tongji D&I Jewelry Design Workshop. His collaborative teaching work has been exhibited on numerous occasions nationally.


Rachael Ouyang

Rachael Ouyang is a founding partner of BEHIVE Architects- an interdisciplinary architectural design practice based in Shanghai, China. With her partner Darcy Chang, Rachael has been actively working on projects varying in programs including hospitality, retail, workplace, headquarter, culture, mixed-use development, etc. Her works span multi-scalar dimensions, from meters to kilometers in scale, and cross boundaries of architecture, interior, urbanism and landscape.

Rachael received a Master of Architecture at University of Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor of Architecture from Zhejiang University. Prior to starting her own office, she has worked for several renowned design practices around the world including UNStudio, Neri&Hu, NBBJ, Broadway Malyan, and has gained extensive knowledge in all stages of design from conceptualizing to construction. Other than an architectural professional, Rachael has been teaching in XJTLU since 2018, and also lecturing and sharing works in several exhibitions. Her involvement in education and research contributes to her expertise in practice and vice versa.


Jie Zhang

Studied architecture at Southeast University in China and Accademia di Architettura Mendrisio in Switzerland. She worked for TAO architects in Beijing, HHF Architekten in Basel, Kengo Kuma and associates in Tokyo, von Ballmoos Krucker Architekten in Zürich, and gmp architekten in Shanghai before establishing her own practice, ATELIER MOZH in 2018.






Ken Chen
Company: Atelier CHA (Shanghai) 上海回目建筑设计工作室

Ken Chen received his Master in Architecture from Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands and Nanjing University, China. After working with the British design firm BDP and American design firm GreenbergFarrow, he co-founded Atelier CHA in Shanghai. He has been working with projects in various types and scales, including the Sports Complex and School of Film and TV Arts Building in XJTLU campus. Now his focus is in community renovation design and country revival. Ken is a Chinese Class I Registered Architect and Dutch Registered Architect.



Mengcen Shen
Company: SILENCE

Mengcen Shen is the founder of SILENCE in Shanghai – an experimental studio based on architecture and probing interdisciplinary interactions between architecture and fine art, literature, film and music. The practices are focusing on architectural projects that are potential to apply artistic theories and approaches, and art creations with the property of “construction”.

Mengcen Shen holds a Master of Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts from China Academy of Art, and a Master of Arts from Shanghai University. Prior to Architecture, she majored in Experimental Art – Installation Art and Experimental Film. She had practices in Boston, Beijing and Shanghai before founding her own studio. Besides, she had teaching experiments about Architecture and Film in RISD. Her work was selected in CA’ASI “The New Chinese Architecture Exhibition”. Her papers were published on Proceedings of ASC Annual Conference 2019, Oriental Art, etc.


Runze Zhang

Runze Zhang received his degree from Southeast University and AA School in London. Having been working across different scales from urban design to architecture and interior design, he had professional experience in London, Singapore and Shanghai. He has been involved in teaching in China Academy of Arts and Ningbo Nottingham University, where the academic theme includes type and typology, Chinese megaplot, urban regeneration in old town, etc. He is now based in Shanghai, working on some small-scaled commercial projects.




Yiwen Zhang
Company: 真漫设计 Realslow Design Office

It’s my fourth year teaching at XJTLU, mainly I have been involved in design studio teaching of Year 1 and Year 2. XJTLU has an intriguing studio setup and a very open studying environment, which I appreciate so much and makes me feel honored to be a part of the team.

I have an architectural education background from China and UK, and now I am an architectural and landscape designer based in Suzhou. Our office has been trying to encourage people’s interests in public spaces by emerging design and art into city life, we pursue the harmonious resonance between design and context, material and technology, culture and history. Our office is also interested in the practice of garden making. Suzhou has a long tradition of garden. With our works, we wish to expose garden-making culture to the views of more, not only by the picturing the reminisces of the old days, but also by representing it in a contemporary way.

In personal life, I like gardening and plants caring, now I live in Suzhou with over 100 species of plants and 3 cats.

Education and experience :

  • 2007-2012 Jilin Architecture University (BArch, China)
  • 2013-2015 AA School DRL (March, UK)
  • 2015-2016 OPEN office internship (Beijing, China)
  • 2017-2019 Vision LA office (Suzhou, China)
  • 2017-2020 XJTLU 1st&2nd year part-time tutor
  • 2020 AOO office (Suzhou, China)


Enran Zhang
Company: Chapman Taylor

Enran received her Bachelor of Architecture (Hons) degree (ARB/RIBA Part I) at the University of Nottingham, and her Master of Architecture degree (ARB/RIBA Part II) at the University of Manchester.

Having worked in London and Shanghai on prestigious Central London and Chinese mixed-use projects, she joined Chapman Taylor’s Shanghai studio in November 2018. Enran is also the Honorary Secretary of the RIBA China Chapter.

Enran has strong conceptual design skills and expertise in parametric design. Within the Shanghai studio, Enran has participated in multiple high-profile architectural and masterplanning projects. She is currently the Project Coordinator for the Curio Chongqing Future Hotel, which will open in 2023.

Enran is also active in academia. She has been a guest lecturer and design studio visiting critic at UNNC before becoming a part-time design studio tutor at XJTLU.

Areas of expertise: Concept Design, Design Development, Parametric Design, Mixed-Use Project Coordination


Keqing Zheng
Company: HOWHY Studio 号外建筑设计有限公司

Keqing Zheng holds a Master Degree in Architecture and Theory and a Bachelor Degree in Architectural Design from Southeast University (东南大学), where he also has teaching experience. As a Chinese Class 1 Registered Architect, he co-founded HOWHY Studio in 2018. He has years of working experience in large-scale design institutes and specialises in various types of public projects, such as office buildings, sports and cultural centres, hotels, industrial parks.





Likai Wang

Likai Wang is a Postdoctoral research fellow at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning in Nanjing University (China) and the developer of EvoMass. His work and research focuses on the application of computational design optimization to performance-based building design, with a special emphasis on parametric design generation and evolutionary design optimization. He has extensive experience in developing generative design algorithms and conducting computational design optimization for various performance-based building design tasks including wind flow, daylighting, and solar radiation. In addition, he teaches and instructs students in design studios and workshops related to computational design and performance-based design optimization.


Lin Zhu
Company: DustART Office

Lin ZHU received her PhD degree in Architecture from the University of Edinburgh, and her BA/MA degree from Tsinghua University. Having worked with Leigh&Orange Architects across projects with different types and scales, ranging from urban designs to interior designs, she joined the DustART Office in 2020 and started her practices of small projects in the rural area. Besides practicing, Lin has her research interest in Chinese gardens and landscape imagination during the Ming-Qing period, and she has been also involved in the undergraduate teaching in the University of Edinburgh.



Ling Zhong

Ling Zhong is running a small-scaled architecture firm in Shanghai, China. He is doing architecture, interior architecture, and urban planning projects, such as museum, gallery, retail, and town planning. Before he started his practice, he has worked as architect in some world-leading architect firms over 15 years. He has international working experience, and he has completed projects in UK, Australia, New Zealand, and China.

He is RIBA charted member and holds BAS. and MARCH. degrees in Architecture from the University of Auckland.




Mangyuan Wang
Company: FAR WORKSHOP 泛式建筑

Mangyuan obtained RIBA part 2 master degree from Cambridge University UK with high pass and part 1 bachelor degree from Nottingham University UK with first class honour. At the same time he was nominated for the RIBA president medals bronze prize and honored to receive couples of renowned scholarships to fund his study including RIBA part 2 Scholarship (only four winners in UK), KPF travelling scholarship (Commendation), Darwin Collage Cambridge travelling scholarship, etc.

He became a UK registered architect in 2017 and have worked for KPF London office and Feilden Clegg Bradley studios for couples of years in UK before starting his own design practice – FAR workshop based in Shanghai. He is also a regular guest critic in both Nottingham Ningbo and China Academy of Art Hangzhou.


Wen Shen
Company: Atelier Deshaus

Wen Shen is the Associate Design Director of Atelier Deshaus. and National First Class Registered Architect. She has practice in a lot of projects of professional quality ,which has been published in A+U,GA and AV. Wen Shen holds a Master of Architecture from Southeast University ,and has been the research and cooperate architect in Atelier And I Office ,Tokyo led by Kazunari Sakamoto. She was invited to participate in Southeast University Architecture Jiamu Xueren Exhibition 2019. Her paper has been pubished in Time Architecture,2017.



Xiaodi Sun
Company: Atelier yoyo

Biography: Xiaodi is a licensed architect registered in New York State. She holds a Master of Architecture degree from Yale University, and a Bachelor’s degree in History of Art from Franklin & Marshall College. Xiaodi has worked as a designer in the United States, Japan, and China. During her stay in New York City, she worked at Richard Meier and Partners from 2014 to 2019, and Diller Scofidio + Renfro from 2019 to 2020. The projects Xiaodi has worked on cover a wide range of types and scale, including the renowned 685 First Avenue New York, Oaks Prague Villas, Google Office New York, Skanska Parkview, Stuttgart Residences, and so on.

Xiaodi’s extensive training in architecture and art history has allowed her to approach design from a position where reasoning and relevance are always present.


Zhehui Chang
Company: Docomoo

Zhehui Chang holds BArch from Southeast University, and graduated from GSAPP (Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation), Columbia University in the city of New York with William Ware Prize for excellence in design.

In parallel with practice, before becoming a part-time design studio tutor at XJTLU, Zhehui had teaching experience in GSAPP, Columbia University, and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

Zhehui founded Docomoo, a design studio based in Shanghai with Qi Zhang. The research and design of Docomoo work involves architecture, community regeneration, interior design, curation, event planning, etc. Docomoo tries to extend the scope of discussion to the outermost reaches of things and ensure that each project has a clear and in-depth theme.


Xiran Zhang

Architectural designer, Interior designer, Furniture designer, Ikebana Expert by Training.

Xiran Zhang received a Master of Architecture degree from Department of Architecture and Urban Design, University of California, Los Angeles in 2013. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Harbin Institute of Technology. In 2011, she pursued studies at National Cheng Kung University.

Xiran specializes in hospitality and residential building typologies. She worked at Los Angeles based ANX Architects and studio MAI, over 5 years. Her collaborative design work has been recognized numerous times by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Los Angeles Chapter Awards as well as World Architecture News (WAN) Awards. Her projects have been published extensively in print magazines and journals such as Domus, Dwell, Living Magazine and Objekt International, as well as online in platforms such archinect and archdaily. Xiran currently works as a senior designer in Shanghai based Kokaistudios.

In parallel with practice, Xiran served as a teaching assistant at University of Southern California(2016-2017), and she is currently part-time tutor at XJTLU.


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