Spanning the Future: Designing Efficient Structures within a Carbon-Constrained World



November 11th– 12th (9am-5pm, with lunch break)


XJTLU staff: free

XJTLU students: 500RMB per workshop attendance

Non-XJTLU participants: 1000RMB per workshop attendance


Matthew Tam and Clemens Preisinger (Karamba3D)

About the workshop

Acknowledging that the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry accounts for up to 50% of all global carbon emissions places a significant spotlight on its role in the carbon crisis. However, given the pressing need to house a growing global population, halting construction isn’t an option. Instead, we must pioneer innovative design procedures and reexamine building methods. By integrating structural optimization with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), we can holistically balance structural performance and environmental concerns. Implementing a project carbon budget within the design process, alternative materials need to be explored to design expansive structures whilst minimizing environmental impact. The ultimate aim of the workshop is to challenge participants to design an efficient structure with the largest possible span using Karamba3D, all while adhering to a defined maximum carbon limit.

Key highlights

  • Integration of Structural Optimization and LCA
  • Holistic Design Approach
  • Understand LCA Databases



Basic command of Grasshopper is essential. For XJTLU students, successful completion of Rhino Essentials, Rhino Designer from ArchiStar Academy is advisable.

Up to 20 participants