2024 Final Competition Prize Setting

2024 Final Competition Prize Setting

Cash prize

Additional Rewards

  • Opportunity to participate in a 1-on-1 technopreneur mentorship.
  • Opportunity to apply for a Master’s scholarship in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
  • Opportunity to join the X3 Co-venture, summer school, and investment and financing exchange meetings.
  • More surprise gifts.

PDP Part (XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) students only)

Students’ successful completion of this component to 100 hours could result in the proper certificate issued by the Competition Organisation Committee. Students could upload the certificates onto e-bridge for evaluation by the Academic Advisor and the proper record of this achievement.

Stage 1 (30 hours):

  1. Successfully submit full-package registration materials and be qualified for the preliminary round of the competition.
  2. Participation in at least one competition-related activity/event is required: Q&A Session, Seminar and workshops (May-September).

Stage 2 (30 hours):

  1. The semifinal round is achieved.
  2. Finish the study of two workshops/training (videos) and successfully pass the quizzes: Visualization Training and Business Pitch Deck Workshop, successfully passed the test (September-October).
  3. Fulfill all Stage 1 requirements.

Stage 3 (40 hours):

  1. Successfully advance to the final round of the competition.
  2. Fulfill all Stage 2 requirements.
  3. Participate in an exchange with investors.

If the students do not successfully make it to the final round, they can choose to merge the time they have fulfilled in Dream Chasers Competition activities with the time accrued from the X3 Co-Venture or Innovation Factory activities for the overall calculation