Faculty Spotlight

Faculty Spotlight

Hi all!

I am Lili Jiu. I joined the Department of Accounting (ACC) as an assistant professor in November 2022. I am thrilled to share all the fantastic experiences during my time here. First of all, the department has designed a series of professional career development and promotion strategies for new faculty members. For instance, we are advised to follow a well-designed track of teaching (e.g., from tutorial-co-lecturer-module leader) to help us grow into experienced lecturers with proficient teaching skills. During this period, senior faculty members also provide us with large amounts of helpful guidance, experience-sharing, as well as proven module materials. These arrangements undoubtedly ease the stress of new faculty members who might be uncertain about the future.

Secondly, such a sound and friendly teaching track could also offer us, new faculty members, sufficient time to perform research work. The department (as well as IBSS) provides diversified sources to support our research, such as comprehensive databases, excellent academic facilities, and various grant programs to assist our academic activities. Our department’s regular internal seminars also promote the exchange of ideas and collaborations between senior and junior faculty members. The most exciting thing is that our department has established an accounting research center, under the umbrella of which I believe we, junior faculties, will prosper.

Lastly, the department’s mentor system assigns each new staff a senior mentor to help them better acquainted with the practices, regulations, and even research activities. Thus, I can’t emphasize enough that our ACC community is a warm family with an inclusive, equal, and inspiring environment. I strongly believe our department’s vibrant culture could help young scholars create a positive circle between teaching and research, thereby growing into an outstanding academic faculty.

Dr Lili Jiu

A friend once asked me why I am so enthusiastic about my work. The answer to this question is easy:  I love my job. There is always something to be happy about, every single day. The staff at XJTLU are a pleasure to work with and make it enjoyable to come to work but it is the students who are the core of my world at work. One of favourite moments that make me feel proud to be a teacher is when I see the ‘aha’ moment in my students. The ‘aha’ moment is the moment in class when students come to realize or understand, for the first time, the content or value of the lesson. This often comes with a smile, or nod, or a look of discovery. Importantly for me, it is at this moment, I realize that the lesson has ‘clicked’, and when this occurs, I am touched with a feeling of accomplishment.

So how do I find XJTLU? The students are bright and enthusiastic and the scholars I work with are youthful and energetic. Students at XJTLU are extremely polite and very smart. When I question them on their knowledge of the course material, I am always impressed with their insightful responses. However, it is their work ethic and dedication to study that impresses me the most. I find that students at XJTLU strive to be the best students they can be. Feeling this energy is not only heartening to me as a teacher but it inspires me, to aspire to be a good teacher.

What makes me proud to be a teacher? First, I am proud to be in a position where at times I am a mentor. Second, I am proud to be a positive authority figure to inspire and guide and students’ future endeavours. Third, I am proud to share the knowledge that I have gained over my life and career.   I am also proud to be a part of a community who do what we do for the love of the job and our students, and finally, I am proud to be a part of the profession that creates all other professions.

Overall, I am proud of our students who aspire to make their teachers proud.

Professor Steven Delaportas