XJTLU International Business School Suzhou (IBSS) Associate Professor of Economics, Dr King Yoong Lim, recently published a paper titled “Business Optimism and the Innovation-Profitability Nexus: Introducing the COVID-19 Adaptable Capacity Framework” in top international journal Research Policy. Dr Lim is the first author of the paper.

Through their research, Dr Lim and his co-authors proposed a new multi-stage integrated analysis and forecasting framework that integrates econometric analysis and technological foresight procedures, enabling them to predict both the most resilient and the most epidemic-affected industries in need of government support in different countries during the epidemic. Through the use of this COVID-19 Adaptable Capacity (CAC) framework, Dr Lim’s paper explores the impact of innovation by companies before the epidemic on business optimism, as well as capital profitability after the epidemic.

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