Newly Appointed

Newly Appointed

Dr. Zihua Liu

This is LIU (James) Zihua, graduated from the Hong Kong University with a PhD in Finance & Accounting. Prior to my Ph.D., I worked as an algorithm engineer at Microsoft Online, Wind Information, and the SMU School of Computing and Information Systems. My current specific research focuses on the impacts of AI on financial markets, financial analysts, and corporate disclosure.  I intends to leverage my background in big data analytics (e.g. textual analysis, machine learning) to investigate the production, transmission, and economic impact of financial market information.

Dr. Edwin Ruan

Hi there, I’m Edwin. In April 2023, I joined the esteemed Department of Finance at IBSS, XJTLU’s Triple Crown accredited business school.

Having endured tasteless and expensive Kiwi food in New Zealand for nearly a decade, the delightful and affordable cuisine in Suzhou caught me off guard, leading to some unexpected weight gain. As the new semester approaches, hitting the gym will become a crucial part of my routine.

In the past, I enjoyed watching movies, travelling, reading, and staying active. However, since becoming a father of two, my spare time is now happily devoted to them—watching cartoons and visiting children’s playgrounds. Luckily, Suzhou offers an idyllic setting to raise children, boasting excellent healthcare, convenient transport, top-notch schooling, and a vibrant cultural scene.

I feel incredibly fortunate to meet and collaborate with all of you, and I’m hopeful that we can become great colleagues, co-authors, and friends.