Facilities at the School of Cultural Technology

The following laboratories and facilities are being developed by the School of Cultural Technology:

Facility Use
Project Studios Year studios with individual spaces for students to develop project work
Exhibition & Flexi Studios Spaces reserved for exhibitions, performances, events and future development
Immersive Theatre & Virtual Production Studio Sound and light controlled space for the development of virtual performances and productions
Immersive Sound Studio Sound controlled space for the development of advanced audio including surround sound
AV (Audio-Visual) Suites Audio-visual suites for video installation, film editing
Animation Lab Dedicated lab for 2D and 3D animation
CGI & Colour Lab Dedicated lab for developing computer-generated imagery and colour work
Game Lab Dedicated lab for virtual worlds, metaverse and video game development
Equipment Store & Technicians’ Office Access to equipment loans facility and school’s technicians for support an training
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