Since 2011, Literature has been an integral part of XJTLU’s strong tradition of teaching, learning and research. Initially a part of the Department of Languages and Culture, the Department of Literature was established in September 2020 as a department in its own right.

Literature at XJTLU encompasses a complete suite of modules, giving students a comprehensive foundation in literary study, and covering a broad historical range of English Literature, from Shakespeare to the present day. Our teaching is firmly rooted in our research, and we incorporate a number of innovative contemporary and comparative approaches to the discipline, demonstrating the continuing and increasing relevance of literary study in the 21st century. From Year Two onwards, students can choose from a range of optional modules, and we offer a distinctive Final Year Project assessed by dissertation only, with a high level of specialised support in communicative writing. We are keen to supervise PhD projects that fall within our diverse research expertise, and to expand our existing postgraduate community.

Literature is integral to a number of XJTLU programmes, including BA English Studies, BA English and Communication Studies, BA English and Finance and BA English and International Business.

The Department of Literature is a part of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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