The second year of study at XJTLU brings with it many challenges as students begin to delve deeper as they study abstract concepts and new ideas in English. To support them in this period of growth and transition, most Year 2 students take one of six year-long, 10-credit EAP modules, which are generally linked to their degree programmes.

These modules use an integrated skills approach and focus on subject-specific tasks. Students learn to use the language of their academic discipline, which promotes deeper learning and encourages learners to use the higher order cognitive skills needed for study at the university level. Although the content, skills and assessments vary from module to module, all have the same aims:

  • Extend students’ general and discipline-specific English language and study skills, with an emphasis on critical thinking and independent learning, to allow them to succeed in other university modules and in their academic career in general;
  • Raise students’ language skills to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) level B2+.

Students who have demonstrated a sufficiently high level of English language ability before entry into Year 2 (through their performance in their Year 1 module or equivalent) have the option of taking the Advanced EAP Pathway. Instead of focusing more on the English language, this pathway primarily aims to further develop students’ academic skills. In Semester 1, all students on this pathway take a module titled “Advanced Skills for Academic Success”, which trains students in a range of skills applicable across academic disciplines. In Semester 2, students choose between a variety of optional modules, including modules on languages other than English and modules jointly delivered with academic departments.

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