SIELE in English means International Evaluation Service of the Spanish Language. SIELE certifies electronically the command of the Spanish language for students and professionals. These certificates are recognized by the top international organizations in the world of education and languages.

Four leading institutions endorse the quality standards and good practices of these exams: Instituto Cervantes (Spain), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Mexico), Universidad de Salamanca (Spain) and Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina). These institutions guarantee the use of diverse linguistic varieties from the Spanish-speaking countries.

The exam also takes as a reference the levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), so candidates can obtain a certificate from A2 to C1 level.


XJTLU SIELE Test Centre offers all kinds of SIELE tests, which have several advantages. They are:

  • Digital. All the management is electronic: registration, reservation, communications…
  • Fast. Candidates receive their certificate or report within three weeks after taking the exam.
  • Diverse. The tests consider the different varieties of Spanish.
  • Comprehensive. Candidates can choose to take any of the independent modalities according to their needs:
    • S1 (Reading comprehension + Listening comprehension)
    • S2 (Reading comprehension + Written expression and interaction)
    • S3 (Listening comprehension + Spoken expression and interaction)
    • S4 (Spoken expression and interaction)
    • S5 (Written expression and interaction + Spoken expression and interaction)
    • Or SIELE Global, which includes all four modalities.
  • Multilevel. It is not necessary to reach a specific level before taking the exams, all candidates take the same test, which starts with tasks at level A1 and ends at level C1.
  • Rewarding. After taking SIELE Global, if the candidate’s level is equal to or higher than A2, they always obtain a SIELE Certificate stating their level, valid for 5 years.  In the case of the independent modalities, they receive a SIELE Report, and the obtained scores can be associated with the CEFR levels.


We have a fully equipped exam room in FB359 to conduct the tests according to SIELE’s regulations. The room has 25 computers with access to the SIELE browser, necessary to take the exam. Besides, each of our computers has a pair of headphones and microphone for the Listening comprehension and Spoken expression and interaction tests. All our equipment is periodically checked by a technician.

In addition, during the exam calls, the center’s support staff accompanies the candidates to the exam room, helps them get registered and supervises the entire process, making sure that each candidate can take the test without incidents.


To know more about our exam calls and Test Centre contact SPA.SIELE@xjtlu.edu.cn, visit our Learning Mall page and follow the WeChat account of Spanish Extended Learning.

Book your exam here: http://www.siele.org.cn/#/base

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