In the contemporary world, all the nations are doing their best to develop their robotics industries. Many believe it will be the next industrial hot-spot after the Internet industries. Currently, in China, several novel intelligent technologies including text recognition, speech recognition, Chinese information processing, intelligent monitoring, biological feature recognition, industrial robotics, service robotics, and self-driving cars have been growing in prominence.

Based on this, public policies have been established to support the development of artificial intelligent technologies. Development of AI technologies will soon develop rapidly and will be integrated into different industries and customers’ daily lives.

As an ideal implementation scenario for the current AI technologies, robotics technologies are developing in promoting the development of the AI technologies. As such, robotics industries will also be improved greatly in the near future.

In an effort to fulfil the needs of China’s economic development, technology progress and the development of disciplines, the School of Robotics will focus on the intelligent, automated mechanical and electronic technology and application in the context of the transformation of “Made in China” to “Intelligent Manufacturing in China”.

Fully leveraging the strong resource advantages in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering in Xi’an-Jiaotong University and the University of Liverpool, the School of Robotics will integrate mechanical electronics, computer science, automatic control, mathematics and management, bringing together technological issues in robotics science covering control science, engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, materials science and engineering, and cognitive science.

The School aims to comprehensively apply the theories, methods and techniques of natural sciences, engineering technology, social sciences, and humanities, to study academic topics such as intelligent perception of robots, optimisation control and system design, and human-computer interaction.

Programmes provided by the School of Robotics will contain the basic theories and basic knowledge of mechanical engineering, electronic technology, control theory and technology, artificial intelligence theory and application, industrial robots, and service robots. Students will receive training as robot engineers to cultivate capabilities in the design of robot products and systems, manufacturing, service, performance testing, simulation, operational control and management.

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