The School of Robotics focuses on industry-oriented research in line with efforts of the Entrepreneur College (Taicang). Currently, the School’s research priorities include:

1. Enabling Technologies in Intelligent Robotics
This priority allows for deep and niche research into individual enabling technologies in intelligent robotics and its direct and associated domains, to push the boundaries of applied knowledge in AI, industrial big data, industrial IoT, advanced engineering systems, robotics technology, robotics systems and control, machine learning etc. This priority is driven by deep engagement with industry and funding bodies.

2. Advanced Robotics Design
This priority focuses on innovative and advanced design of intelligent robots in various contexts that leverage enabling technologies and state-of-the-art in robotics engineering and design. Key domains for this priority include industrial robots, domestic robots, service robots, mobile robots, micro- and nano-robots etc. This priority also focuses on robotics systems design allowing for better and more efficient integration of robot designs into their relevant contexts.

3. Sustainable Development and Technology-led Innovation Ecosystem
This priority focuses on taking a holistic and multi- and transdisciplinary approach to advance the sustainability of advanced robotic systems and related domains in line with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This priority also enables a participatory and immersive exploration of technology-led innovation and/or entrepreneurial ecosystem through deep engagement with stakeholders and action research.

The School’s current research directions mainly include:
– Parametric optimisation
– Computational and structural design of drones and aerospace flying vehicles
– Machine learning and computer vision applications in robotics
– Miniature satellites or CubeSats

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