The Department of Biological Sciences has academic staff recruited from top universities and institutes around the world, thriving undergraduate and graduate programmes and first-rate research facilities.

Research interests are in the general area of the molecular biosciences and the department has custom-designed laboratories that are very well-equipped for teaching and research.

Although the Department was only established in 2008, it is already a leading centre of excellence in China and encourages creativity, uniqueness, and diversity.

Our undergraduate degree programme in Biological Sciences is the first in the world to receive international accreditation from the Royal Society of Biology. Similarly, Biological Sciences in its entirety at XJTLU has been officially recognised as a ‘Key Constructive Discipline of Jiangsu Province’ by the Department of Education.

Most of our students go on to graduate study; typically over one half of this set of students are admitted each year to the top one hundred academic institutions in the world (QS university rankings) and more than 20 percent enter the top ten global institutions.

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