Department of Biological Sciences


Established in 2008, our Department of Biological Sciences has quickly become a beacon of excellence in China, fostering creativity, uniqueness, and diversity. Our research focuses on molecular biosciences, supported by custom-designed, state-of-the-art laboratories for both teaching and research.

We are proud that our undergraduate program is the first globally to receive international accreditation from the Royal Society of Biology. Moreover, we’ve earned the title of ‘Key Constructive Discipline of Jiangsu Province’ by the Department of Education, highlighting our contributions to Biological Sciences.

A significant portion of our graduates pursue further studies, with over half gaining admission annually to the top one hundred universities worldwide, according to QS rankings, and many continue their postgraduate studies in top research institutions such as Imperial College, Yale and Carnegie Mellon University. This underscores the quality of our education and the potential it unlocks for our students’ futures.

Vision and mission

Our vision is to be internationally acclaimed as a leader in both research and education within the life sciences. We aim to stand out through excellence in our undergraduate and graduate programs, contributing significantly to the field of biological sciences.

Our mission is to equip students for success and to push the boundaries of biological sciences research. We commit to providing exceptional education, research opportunities, and access to cutting-edge facilities, ensuring our students and faculty have the resources to achieve excellence.