Pgcert Teaching and Supporting Learning in Higer Education (Internal)


This programme is only avaliable for XJTLU current staff.

The PGCert provides XJTLU teaching staff an introduction to the knowledge and skills needed to support student learning through interactive workshops and a variety of assessment tasks. It is designed principally to help with professional development, to enable staff to reflect on their roles as teachers at XJTLU, and to enable them to enhance students’ learning experience. The PGCert also provides staff with the opportunity to interact with other teaching staff at XJTLU, and reflect on your teaching practice, gaining exposure to alternate perspectives for practice and knowledge of the University’s quality assurance and enhancement processes. The programme is accredited by the Higher Education Academy and successful graduation results in a Postgraduate Certificate from University of Liverpool as well as Fellowship in the HEA.

The PGCert creates the opportunities of interactions and exchanges among academic staff, making them can learn about the teaching quality assurance and enhancement better. The PGCert’s HEA accreditation symbolizes XJTLU’s PGCert is consistent with the professional criteria and framework of any UK higher education institution and, as a part of our quality assurance, will improve the university education quality and promote the learning experience of students. At present, Educational Development Unit (EDU) is focusing on completing the authentication of PGCert (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) and potentially providing the PGCert training course for domestic Higher education institutions in China.

The progamme will provide:

  • Provides an introduction to both the knowledge and the skills needed to support student learning at the University
  • Supports all academic staff in their teaching role, and develops and enhances their teaching skills, knowledge and understanding of learning and teaching in higher education
  • Introduces academic staff to the opportunities for linking excellence in research with high-quality teaching and to the strategies and governance of a research intensive university
  • Assists in the development of academic staff as reflective practitioners, and as higher education professionals.

Fellows of the HEA

Successful completion of PGCert will entitle you to Fellowship of HEA(Higher Education Academy), which is the international recognition for academic staff in Higher Education. It demonstrates that the practice of our academic staff is aligned with the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF), a benchmark for standards throughout the stages of an individual’s teaching career.