To promote educational technologies at XJTLU, we select interesting, useful and powerful technologies used by our teachers from different subjects to do case studies. We would like to show how they use the new technologies, why they select them, and the results and benefits of using them in their courses. Beyond the technologies, we also analyse some of the teaching theories and strategies behind the technologies they have used.

Through these case studies, we hope to stimulate our faculty interest in educational technologies and encourage them to find better solutions through technologies to achieve their goals.

If you want to learn more about any of the case studies or share your experience of teaching with technologies, please email us via

  • Optimal Matching with Fair Allocation

  • Gamified Learning with Level Up!

  • Quick Quiz with JazzQuiz

  • Video Submission with Assignment

  • Large-scale Online Testing with Quiz

  • Online Grading with Gradescope

  • Double Marking with Coursework

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