Communities of Practice aim to provide XJTLU with a platform for the following:

  • Sharing experiences of utilising technology-enhanced teaching.
  • Identifying opportunities for collaboration involving technology-enhanced teaching across XJTLU and beyond.
  • Sharing and discussing the latest developments in the fields of technology-enhanced teaching.
  • Disseminating information about technology-enhanced teaching-related scholarly activities, e.g. publications, conferences, etc.
  • Connecting with technology-enhanced teaching leaders and innovators.
  • Developing shared knowledge and expertise relating to ways technology-enhanced teaching can be utilised in the current semester.

In short, Communities of Practice are intended to help raise awareness of and shape the use of these technologies across XJTLU. They are set to play an increasingly pivotal role in the future throughout the world of higher education.

Currently, the XJTLU Learning Mall hosts events a few times each year for the 3 Communities of Practice below:

  • Educational Technology Community of Practice offers an opportunity for people interested in educational technologies to get together and know each other. By sharing the good practices of using technologies in learning and teaching, the members can explore, discuss, evaluate, research and reflect on the application and trend of using technologies in education.
  • XR Community of Practice provides a platform for sharing strategies and practices around the use of XR technologies within XJTLU.
  • Assessment Community of Practice aims to provide the University with a platform for sharing strategies and tools around assessment practices within and outside the institution.
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