Travelling within Suzhou


Buses run frequently from 6am to 10pm and are the cheapest mode of public transport. Fares can be paid for in cash, or by using your XJTLU student ID card (which can be pre-paid near campus). All parts for Suzhou can be reached by buses running from around the University.


Taxis are often available readily in the street or alternatively Chinese speakers can call to order one on 6777 6777. We provide free taxi cards to all international students to assist you in reaching your destination, should you have problems communicating with the driver. The rates are clearly visible in the back of the cab and vary ever so slightly depending on the colour of the vehicle.


Suzhou Industrial Park has its own public bike scheme, with over 70 stations connecting the entire area. Upon a one-off purchase of a bike rental card, you can rent any of the 2,000 green bikes for free for up to one hour (RMB 1 hour after) and return to any station after use.


The Suzhou Metro is a popular and cheap means of travelling around the city. Although the lines have yet to extend out towards XJTLU, the metro does link many of the popular destinations in Suzhou Industrial Park to more far-reaching destinations such as Mudu towards the scenic Taihu Lake.

Travelling beyond Suzhou

Studying at XJTLU gives you the opportunity to explore other parts of China, which can be reached by the national high-speed rail network, or by long distance coach. Alternatively you can take flights to domestic and international destinations.

High-speed train

The high-speed train network connects Suzhou to most of China's main cities, including Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, and Beijing. Trains regularly depart from Suzhou's three main train stations: Suzhou Railway Station; Suzhou Industrial Park Railway Station, and Suzhou North Railway Station. Tickets can be purchased with a copy of your passport at outlets in near campus, or directly at the train station.

Long-distance coach

Coaches from Suzhou North and South bus stations offer a cheaper alternative to the high-speed trains, operating to most nearby cities.


There are three airports located near to Suzhou: Wuxi Airport (30 minutes by car), Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (one hour by car) and Shanghai Pudong International Airport (two hours by car). Airport coaches operate from Suzhou Industrial Park to both Shanghai airports (twice-hourly between 06:00 and 20:30). You can also take the high-speed train directly to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (20 minutes from Suzhou Industrial Park high-speed train station).