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The MA TESOL programme will provide you with the opportunity to develop both a scholarly and practical understanding of the field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

The programme is suitable for (current/future) language teachers, teacher trainers, educational materials writers and test designers who wish to further develop their range of professional skills and knowledge.

You will study in a dynamic, international environment with students from around the world and learn from highly experienced academic staff.

Why Should I Study TESOL at XJTLU?

  • Study in an international environment with academic staff and students from around the world
  • Benefit from XJTLU's location of Suzhou, one of the most economically and culturally vibrant places in China
  • Earn a University of Liverpool degree that is recognised by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Knowledge and skills

By the time you graduate from the MA TESOL, you will have:

  • an advanced understanding of key issues, theories and practices in the field of English language teaching and the connections between theory and practice
  • a sound knowledge of language in context and the ability to explore the implications of language analysis for teaching purposes
  • an understanding of current methodology as it is embodied in classroom practice
  • the ability to engage with theories underlying current views on language learning, including the importance of individual differences amongst learners in their abilities and learning preferences
  • skills to conduct academic research
The latest research and practical teaching skills you acquire will prepare you to inspire the next generation of English learners. Earn your UK degree in China, the country with the world’s largest number of English learners!
Rining Wei
Programme director


  • Core modules


  • Additional learning activities

    The completion of additional learning activities is required to obtain your master degree. The programme includes a total of 600 hours of Additional Learning Activities, most of which are chosen individually by students. Normally, required ALA hours will be distributed evenly across each semester, amounting to 200 hours per semester. Part-time programmes will normally require 100 to 150 hours per semester. They should normally be spread equally over teaching semesters and the summer and winter breaks.

I find that when I prepare for classes, I can always draw on what I learned from the programme and apply those things.
Yunyi Zhou
Alumna, MA TESOL, China


Graduates from the MA TESOL programme are well prepared to start or advance their career in the field of English language teaching or any related areas. In China, a postgraduate qualification in TESOL is increasingly sought-after by educational institutions. Graduates may also gain employment in publishing or teaching materials development, and management positions. The programme offers a solid foundation for further study for those interested in pursuing a MPhil, MRes, EdD or PhD.