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The Chemistry PhD programme is a strategic research collaboration between XJTLU and the University of Liverpool, and is based at XJTLU. Upon successful completion of the programme you will receive a degree from the University of Liverpool, which is recognised by China’s Ministry of Education.

Students on this programme are formally registered with the University of Liverpool as off-site postgraduate research students. You will carry out research on XJTLU premises under the supervision of the supervisory team.

As a PhD student, you will be appointed a designated principal (local) supervisor at XJTLU, who is a full-time member of academic staff. In addition, you will also have a designated co-supervisor based at the University of Liverpool.

Pursuing a full-time PhD normally involves three years of conducting research and one year of writing up thesis, supported by subject-specific and generic skills training and development. A full-time PhD student must submit the thesis within four years (or six years for part-time PhD students).

As a registered full-time PhD student, you have the opportunity to apply for a research visit to the University of Liverpool for up to six months. Your accommodation and travel costs will be covered by XJTLU and the University of Liverpool.

XJTLU provides every registered PhD student with conference fund of up to RMB16,500 over the course of the study at XJTLU. The purpose of this fund is to support your academic experience, encourage the dissemination of research, and enhance XJTLU’s research profile nationally and internationally.

PhD Chemistry Research Areas

  • Nanomaterial photocatalysis
  • Organic Synthesis and Natural Products
  • Organic electronic materials
  • Supramolecular chemistry
  • Advanced Materials and Smart Materials
  • Sensors
  • Molecular modeling
  • Coordination chemistry and crystal Engineering
  • Molecular Electronics
  • Drug delivery and cancer therapy
  • Green chemistry

Enterprise Entrusted PhD Projects

The university has a wide research collaboration with industry. Opportunities are available for candidates to undertake an Enterprise Entrusted PhD Project funded by one of our industrial partners in one of the following research areas below:

  • Drug design and discovery
  • Research on drug properties
  • Pharmaceutical production technology
  • Pharmaceutical natural products
  • Drug formulation
  • Pharmaceutical analysis

For these projects, your will be jointly supervised by a team of academic staff members from both the XJTLU Academy of Pharmacy and University of Liverpool, and also an industry honorary professor r from respective enterprise who provides guidance on research topics as well as future career possibilities.

Key benefits of PhD study at XJTLU:

  • Our PhD programme equips you with a range of professional skills to help you maximise your future employability
  • Our supervisors will guide you through one of the most intellectually satisfying experiences of your life
  • Supervision from respected academics at both XJTLU and the University of Liverpool
  • PhD students have dedicated travel budgets for participating in international conferences
  • The chance to apply for a research visit to the University of Liverpool for up to three months
  • Opportunities to work as a teaching assistant and develop crucial academic skills.

Please check the FAQ for further information about studying for a PhD at XJTLU.

Potential supervisors

Find out potential supervisors from:

Department of Chemistry.

XJTLU Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy.


XJTLU offers a range of scholarships to highly motivated and qualified candidates to pursue research leading to a PhD degree.

There are generally two channels for you to receive a PhD scholarship:


You can apply for an existing PhD project which has received funds from the University or external funding bodies. These projects have an established research topic and a formed supervisory team. You can check the individual PhD programme for information about specific projects available or contact potential supervisors to discuss funding opportunities. Available funded PhD projects are list below (this list is regularly updated):


Development of 3D organic semiconductor: synthesis and characterization

PGRS1912016 Open
Dr. Yi Lin

Experimental and theoretical studies of medium effect in asymmetric molecular junctions

PGRS2006015 Open
Dr Eric Amigues

Controllable preparation and optical properties of one-dimensional nano-optical materials

FOS2011JC02 Open
Kim King-Tong Lau
The Development of an Acidosis biosensor FOSA2106009 Open Prof. Christopher Gwenin


There will be two application rounds for each academic year:

  • First round – applications submitted by 17:00 CST(UTC+8), 15 October will be reviewed in the first round and the decision will be announced in December.
  • Second round – applications submitted by 17:00 CST(UTC+8), 15 April will be reviewed in the second round and the decision will be announced in June.

Go to Scholarships to find more information about how to apply for the scholarships.