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This eight-week course is designed to help students improve and develop their general and discipline-specific English language and study skills, with a particular emphasis on academic writing and speaking, in order to enable them to function effectively in their postgraduate master’s programmes. The course is BALEAP certified and taught by lecturers in XJTLU English Language Centre.

Once you are accepted onto the Pre-sessional English course, you will not need to retake a language test. This means that you can concentrate on developing your postgraduate study skills.

The course runs for eight weeks and is comprised of 152 hours of teaching and 120 hours of self-study.

Who should take a Pre-sessional English course?

If you have applied for an XJTLU master’s programme and meet the minimum English language requirements for the course, as shown below, you may be accepted onto the Pre-sessional English summer course subject to Programme Director approval. Upon successful completion of the Pre-sessional English course, you will be able to change your XJTLU master’s offer letter to ‘Unconditional’ for English level. You are also welcome to take this course if you are simply looking to improve your academic English language skills and meet the minimum language requirements for the Pre-sessional, as shown below.

Knowledge and skills

After the course students will be able to:

  • Select and evaluate appropriate sources relating to their field of study with a degree of independence
  • Produce an extended piece of academic writing that demonstrates an ability to express and support a stance
  • Deliver a presentation on a topic related to their field of study
  • Enter into, participate in, and lead a seminar or other types of academic discussion
  • Develop and engage with reflective learning and critical thinking processes
  • Demonstrate competence in strategies to avoid plagiarism, collusion and the embellishment of data


  • Overview

    This 8-week distance/remote learning course will combine live seminars and one-to-one tutorials with weekly online lectures and self-study materials. Seminars and tutorials will be conducted synchronously using the videoconferencing platform BigBlueButtong, while self-study aspects of the course will be organised using XJTLU’s dedicated virtual learning platform, Learning Mall Online (LMO). The 8th week of the course will include assessments and ALAs (Additional Learning Activities) induction.

  • Syllabus

    The course will focus on language and transferable academic skills, with typical content covering:


    • Writing clear and well-organised paragraphs and essays
    • Paraphrasing, summarising and quoting
    • Referencing and understanding the principles of Academic Integrity
    • Synthesising information from various sources together with your own voice
    • Improving cohesion and coherence in your writing


    • Giving academic presentations
    • Participating in academic seminar discussions
    • Using appropriate functional language in academic speaking
    • Using information from sources in academic discussions and presentations


    • Analysing and identifying key features of texts of different genres
    • Skimming, scanning, understanding the gist, and reading for detail
    • Identifying important information and selecting key ideas
    • Evaluating texts (including critical analysis of author, bias, purpose, genre, etc.)


    • Preparing to attend lectures
    • Following the structure of lectures
    • Identifying key ideas in lectures
    • Taking effective notes during lectures

    Academic skills:

    • Understanding differences between academic cultures
    • Reflecting on and improving your performance
    • Managing your time
    • Giving, receiving and acting upon formative feedback to continuously improve your work
    • Following a systematic process approach to assessments


  • Tuition

    RMB 23,000 (full fees as deposit)

How to apply

Application Deadline: 24 June 2021

Payment Deadline: 30 June 2021


To apply for PSE as a separate course please email


If you are a conditional offer holder, you can also send an email to (Masters Admissions Team, Graduate School) to apply to take the onsite Password English language test provided by XJTLU in lieu of an IELTS/TOEFL or its equivalent. We will arrange a test for you on campus. The results will normally be released within five days. Please note that the Password Test is only available to students who have been issued a conditional offer to study at XJTLU. In principle, the University provides one Password Test opportunity for each conditional offer holder.

Additionally, students who are admitted into a Master’s programme by taking the Pre-sessional English (PSE) Course are required to complete a mandatory EAP module listed on the Programme Specification on a pass/fail basis as part of their Additional Learning Activity plan during their studies at XJTLU.

To complete the Pre-sessional course and be eligible for admission to your XJTLU master’s programme, you are required to:

  • Fulfill the attendance requirement, and
  • Complete all the course assignments and pass the final writing and speaking assessments.

Failing to meet either of the above requirements will be considered as having failed the course and, as a result, failed to meet the English language entry requirement on your current offer. In such a case, your conditional offer will be deferred to the following year and you will be given one more chance to take the PSE course. Admission to your master’s programme will ultimately depend on successful completion of the retaken course.

Entry requirements

English level requirements


IELTS 6.5, with no more than one component at IELTS 6.0 minimum

MA China Studies

IELTS 6.5, with no single component less than IELTS 5.5

MA International Relations


IELTS 6.0, with no single component less than IELTS 5.5

MA Global Education

MA International Business and Global Affairs

MSc Business Analytics

MSc Economics and Finance

MSc Finance

MSc Investment Management

MSc Management

MSc Media and Communication

MA Child Development and Family Education

MA Applied Linguistics (with specialization in multilingualism)

IELTS 6.0,with no single component less than IELTS 5.0

MSc Operations and Supply Chain Management

MSc Professional Accounting

MSc Project Management

IELTS 5.5, with no single component less than IELTS 5.0

Master of Architectural Design

MDes Industrial Design

MRes Advanced Chemical Sciences

MRes Computer Science

MRes Molecular Bioscience

MSc Civil Engineering

MSc Construction Management

MSc Financial Mathematics

MSc Sustainable Construction

MSc Urban Planning

MSc Urban Planning (specialisation in Urban Design)

MSc Actuarial Science

MRes Medicinal Chemistry

MSc Applied Statistics

IELTS 5.0, with no single component less than IELTS 5.0

MRes Low Carbon Electrical Power and Energy Technology

MRes Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems

MSc Applied Informatics

MSc Financial Computing

MSc Multimedia Telecommunications

MSc Social Computing

MSc Sustainable Energy Technology

MSc Human Computer interaction