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The RIBA MEAP access course is a three-day (19-21 June) programme that prepares architects and graduates to be assessed by the Royal Institute of British Architects’.

The Membership Eligibility Assessment Panel (MEAP) meets twice a year to assess the applications of international architects and academics working outside the UK. This course is designed for architects wishing to develop their careers at an international practice management level.

Graduates with five years of architectural education (with or without RIBA validation) and with more than two years of professional practical experience are eligible to apply. Successful completion of the RIBA MEAP access course enables architects and non-UK graduates to apply for RIBA Chartered Membership.

Why should I study the RIBA MEAP access course?

The Department of Architecture at XJTLU is the only institution in mainland China to host the international RIBA MEAP access course.
This three-day programme gives architects an in-depth education in professional practice and focuses on: professionalism; clients, users and delivery of services; legal frameworks and processes; practice and management; and building procurement.
In preparation for the course, applicants receive seven web-based monthly study packs to supplement the course delivered on campus.

  • Start date 19 June 2018
  • Attendance Full time
  • Duration 3 days
  • Accreditation RIBA Part 3
  • School Design School

Knowledge and skills

Candidates are required to complete five written assignments that are linked to the RIBA Professional Criteria and that demonstrate a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of a range of subjects.

In each case the work should be closely linked to the candidate’s own experience with architectural projects.

Each assignment is 1500 words and together should provide a comprehensive document covering many aspects of both project and practice management.

Based on the RIBA Professional Criteria, the course covers:

  • PC1 Professionalism
  • PC2 Clients, Users and Delivery of Services
  • PC3 Legal Framework and Processes
  • PC4 Practice and Management
  • PC5 Building Procurement

Upon passing the assignments, candidates will be awarded a RIBA Certificate in Professional Practice and will be eligible to present their portfolio of work to the MEAP.


The course will comprise of three intense seminar days and two workshop to prepare candidates for submitting their assignments and portfolio to the Membership Panel.

  • Day 1. Overview of the MEAP, legal themes and the RIBA Plan of Work

    • Introduction to the MEAP
    • Introduction to the ‘Legal Framework’
    • Principles of contract law
    • Dispute resolution
    • The RIBA Plan of Work
    • Practice support and networking
    • Action planning: next steps, independent study: assignments
    • Tutorials
  • Day 2. Practice management and the Architect’s appointment

    • Types of Appointment and Architects role
    • Fees and Resourcing
    • Forms of Practice
    • Practice Management
    • HR and CPD
    • Plan of Work
    • Action planning: next steps, independent study: assignments
    • Practice support and networking review
  • Day 3. Procurement and preparing the MEAP portfolio

    • Procurement 1
    • Procurement 2
    • ‘Managing client expectations’
    • Workshop 1: the written assignments
    • Workshop 2: the MEAP application and portfolio submission
    • Action plan
    • Tutorials


  • The course fee: 9,345 RMB. This includes RIBA Affiliate Membership, the three-day access course at XJTLU, and RIBA assessment. XJTLU alumni receive a 20% discount.

How to apply

To register, please complete this form and email it to Tel: 44 (0)1517074381

For more information, please go to: or contact Teresa Hoskyns on +86 512 8188 4726 or email

Entry requirements

5 years architectural education (with or without RIBA validation). 2 years practice experience, you may enrol for the MEAP access course while you are doing the two years practice.