After a decade-long exploration, XJTLU has formulated a preliminary yet successful model for cultivating international specialised talents. As a pioneer in the rethinking and reshaping of education, the University proposed Syntegrative Education (SE) in 2016 to respond to the challenges brought about by AI and robotics in the innovation-driven era.

Based on an existing specialised talent cultivating model, SE integrates specialised, industrial and management programmes to deliver international industry experts, with the ability to lead future industry development. Those leaders are highly versatile with the ability to drive the industries of the future. They will be well-rounded yet specialised, know their industries thoroughly, and be able to mobilise resources and lead people.

Syntegrative Education has three operational modes:

Entrepreneur College (Taicang)

XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) will cover an area of 1 square kilometre, with teaching, research and support facilities for up to 5,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students.​

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Industry and Enterprise Tailored Education

The Certificate in Industry and Enterprise Tailored Education (CIETE) is the pilot programme of XJTLU's SE to develop industry elites - syntegrative elites. The programme provides students with an additional educational path during their summers to earn career-competitive qualifications, while developing their skills for continuous learning, integrating and applying knowledge and to develop adaptability. Students gain cross-disciplinary training and experience, a complexity mindset, strong managerial skills, entrepreneurial skills, and cross-cultural leadership skills.

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XJTLU is collaborating with industry to support education and innovation, and to develop the future industry leaders.