Gang Liu


刘刚 (Gang Liu)
CEO, Qingdao Harrens Inspection & Technology Co., Ltd

刘刚毕业于中国海洋大学,获海洋生物专业学士。后获青岛大学公共管理专业硕士并同时开展了作为青岛大学国际商学院企业发展研究中心主任的工作。 得益于多年在两大石油公司:加德士,道达尔中国担任销售主管与大区销售主管的工作经验,刘刚先生于2010年创办了自己的公司:青岛海润检测股份有限公司并在十年间开设了数家子公司,经营业务包含对食品,生物医药,化妆品的分析检测,实验室检测技术和信息咨询服务。其中子公司海华生物医药科技公司拥有中国北部最大的动物实验室的,占地12000平方米。

Gang Liu obtained his undergraduate degree in marine biology from Ocean University of China and pursued Master study in public management at Qingdao University while starting his career at International Business School of Qingdao University as the head of enterprise development research center. Benefiting from several working experience as Sales Manager and Regional Manager respectively in two petroleum companies Caltex Beijing and Total China, He then started his own business and worked as Chairman and CEO of Qingdao Harrens Inspection & Technology Co., Ltd. In the following years, several subsidiaries were opened, operate ranging from analysis and inspection on food, biomedicines and cosmetics to laboratory testing techniques and consultation. One of the subsidiary Qingdao Harwars biomedicine Technology Co.,Ltd owns is the biggest animal laboratory facility in the northern part of China which has the scale of a 12000 square meters.

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