Angela Wong Ph.D.

Industry Honorary Professor 企业特聘教授

Dr. Angela Wong
General Manager, Suzhou Xihua Scientific

Dr. Wong completed her PhD at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas under Dr. Stanley Crooke, focusing on the biochemical mechanism of anti-cancer drugs. She stayed at GSK, a multinational pharmaceutical company for 12 years, advancing from postdoctoral fellow to senior scientist in the Department of Pharmacology.
In 2004, she joined Vitae Pharmaceuticals, financed by NEA and Venrock, which emphasized in drug discovery and development. She headed a team which had the responsibility for selecting CROs to provide DMPK, PK/PD modelling, animal disease model and toxicology services. The company went on to achieve a listing on the NASDAQ Exchange: VTAE, and was recently acquired by Allergan. With this discovery, CRO and DMPK experience in place, she decided to go to mainland China and participate in the rapidly expanding drug discovery and development service sector.
She moved to Guiyang in 2016 to establish her company, QL Diagnostics, which focuses in providing comprehensive and integrated medical diagnostics services to hospitals in Guizhou and Southwestern China. The laboratory received accreditations from the Ministry of Health and is currently servicing more than 100 hospitals in Guizhou. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the laboratory provides daily throughput of more than 100,000 effective and rapid screening assays in identifying infection cases and containing the spread of the virus.
In 2020, she became a founding member of Suzhou Xihua Scientific Co. Ltd. The company focuses in providing DMPK and pharmacology services to drug discovery companies.
Angela Wong