Bo Ying PH.D.

Industry Honorary Professor 企业特聘教授

英博博士(Dr.Bo Ying)
Co-Founder/CEO,Abogen Biosciences

在2019年回国创建艾博生物前,英博博士曾在波士顿的Moderna担任高级科学家及项目负责人,负责公司肿瘤免疫制剂团队的搭建,并率领团队研发基于mRNA的免疫疗法药物。此外,他还曾是Trucode Gene Repair公司创始团队成员,负责制剂开发,CMC及GMP生产。英博博士现任艾博生物科技有限公司首席执行官。
Dr. Bo Ying obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in life sciences and neurobiology, respectively, from Fudan Unversity. He went to the U.S. in 2006 to continue his study and obtained his PhD in pharmaceutics from Northeastern University.

Before he returned to China in 2019, he worked at Boston’s Moderna, Inc. as a senior scientist and a group leader in charge of building the company’s drug formulation team for cancer immunotherapy, leading the team to develop several mRNA-based immunotherapeutic drugs. In addition, he was one of the founding members of Trucode Gene Repair, Inc., responsible for pharmaceutics development, CMC, and GPM drug production. Dr. Ying is currently the CEO of Abogen, Inc.
Bo Ying