Frank Yin PH.D.

Industry Honorary Professor 企业特聘教授

尹湛峰博士 (Dr.Frank Yin)
Used to be the Qualified Person in CSTONE Pharmaceuticals


Dr. Zhanfeng Yin graduated from Nanjing University with Bachelor and Master Degree in Chemistry. He then went abroad and studied at the University of Western Ontario for his PhD in chemistry. He worked for 5 years at the USA National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as a Post-doctoral fellow.
He has over 20 years of supervisory and leadership experience in Biotech QC management including QC laboratories, analytical teams and QA organizations. He also has rich experience in developing both small- and large-molecule drugs. He is familiar with ICH, Chinese and international drug development regulations, and pharmacopeia. He has worked at well-known international enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry such as Wyeth Biotech, Pfizer, and Baxter Health Care. He was the Qualified Person and VP of QA/QC in CSTONE Pharmaceuticals.
Frank Yin