Hui Feng PH.D.



Dr.Hui Feng
Founder and Chairman
Shanghai Allink Biotherapeutics Co., Ltd.

冯博士从事新药研发相关工作近二十年,先后任美国HumanZyme公司产品总监,阿斯利康抗体部门美国Medimmune抗体研发部项目负责人,美国TopAlliance Biosciences首席运营官。在国内外药企领导参与新药研发,制定新药全球开发战略规划,推进非临床实验和临床试验,在新药IND/BLA申报等方有丰富的经验。同时,专长于抗体和大分子蛋白质药物的分子设计、人源化和亲和力成熟、高产量细胞株建立、工艺开发和生产技术转移。参与开发近20个技术门槛高、具有自主知识产权的单抗产品。拥有多项发明专利,学术论文30余篇。

Dr. Feng obtained his bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and Technology from Tsinghua University (PRC) in 1997 and his Ph.D degree in Molecular Pharmacology from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 2003, Yeshiva University (U.S.).
Dr. Feng Hui has about 20 years’ industrial experience on R&D of innovative drugs. He has successively served with increasing roles at HumanZyme Inc., Medimmune Inc., a subsidiary of AstraZeneca, and TopAlliance Biosciences in United States. He is experienced in leading the drug R&D efforts in biotech/pharmaceutical companies and laying out the development strategies of innovative drugs, from concepts to IND and clinical trials to BLA.
His specialties include molecular design of antibody drug and protein therapeutics, humanization and affinity maturation, high-yield cell line establishment, CMC process development and technology transfer. He has participated in the development of nearly 20 mAbs with high technical barriers and intellectual property rights, authoring more than 30 academic papers and patents.

Hui Feng