Qiang Yu


余强博士 (Dr.Qiang Yu)
Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, CGeneTech(Suzhou, China) Co., Ltd.



Dr. Yu studied chemistry at Peking University and obtained his B.S. in 1999. He then went to USA to continue his study at University of Kansas and obtained his Ph.D. there. His doctoral work was cited in Nobel Laureate Dr. Jean-Marie Lehn’s Nature paper. As a post-doctoral fellow, he worked with the president of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists from 2000 to 2002, focusing on the use of Caco-2 cell in vitro model to evaluate the bioactivity of candidate medicinal compounds. The methods he developed are now widely used in the pharmaceutical industry globally.

Dr. Yu returned to China in 2010 and founded his own biotech company CGeneTech as the President and Chief Executive Officer.
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