Xiaojian Zhao


赵晓剑博士(Dr. Xiaojian Zhao)
Founder,Chairman & CEO,BioInno Bioscience Co., Ltd. (BioInno)

赵晓剑博士在细胞培养基开发和规模化生产方面拥有丰富的经验。曾任职Invitrogen/Gibco(现为赛默飞Thermo Fisher旗下品牌)和默克密理博(Merck-millipore)的研发和技术总监近10年,参与创建了Invitrogen外包服务平台PD-Direct。拥有几十款具备自主知识产权的高端无血清培养基配方,能够广泛应用于各类哺乳细胞培养;他还创立了利用代谢工程和高通量平台的无血清培养基开发体系,是无血清培养基和细胞培养领域的权威科学家。

Dr. Xiaojian (David) Zhao is an internationally renowned cell culture and biopharmaceutical expert. He has extensive experience in cell culture media development and large-scale production. He worked as the R&D and technical director for Invitrogen / GIBCO (now a brand of Thermo Fisher) and Merck Millipore for nearly 10 years and participated in the establishment of Invitrogen outsourcing service platform PD-Direct. He has dozens of high-end serum-free media formulas with independent intellectual property rights, which can be widely used in all kinds of mammalian cell culture; he also founded a serum-free media development system using metabolic engineering and high-throughput platforms. He is an authoritative scientist in the field of serum-free media and cell culture.
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