Xin Dong PhD


董欣博士(Dr. Xin Dong)
CEO, NeoLogics Bioscience Co., Ltd

董欣博士, 苏州园区创业领军人才. 毕业于四川大学, 并分别获得中国科技大学和德国慕尼黑大学生物化学硕士及博士学位. 之后在匹兹堡大学癌症中心,UCSD霍华德休斯医学研究所从事树突状细胞抗原呈递, 肿瘤免疫及自身免疫方面博士后研究, 获美国免疫学会青年科学家奖并作大会报告;
进入工业界后, 曾经担任PaxVax高级科学家,负责病毒载体疫苗评价,对外合作,IND申报材料,与FDA沟通等;加入Biogen的孵化器中心BI3之一Neostasis后,全面负责新药研发,领导靶点验证、侯选抗体筛选、体外/体内测试、抗体人源化及稳定细胞株开发;2011年回国后加入中美冠科CrownBio担任高级总监, 负责大分子药物研发部门的服务外包和创新药开发,领导多个一体化抗体药物的成功开发,包括抗PD1/PD-L1项目并成功转让给嘉和生物和正大天晴,CBT Therapeutics,其中至少有4个项目已进入临床各阶段. 之后参与了银河生物的转型, 担任南京和苏州银河生物CSO及研发副总, 组建研发团队及实验室搭建, 主导人源化小鼠平台的合作开发及合作转让, 其中领导的Car-T, 第3代EGFR TKI,多个肿瘤免疫抗体药开发. 曾经在中美两国参与创业, 包括PersImmune, 南京驯鹿医疗等.

Dr. Xin Dong received his doctoral degree in Biochemistry from University of Munich, Germany and did his postdoctoral training at University of Pittsburgh and University of California – San Diego. He was a research faculty member at UCLA before starting his entrepreneurial career. Dr. Dong has served as a senior scientist and senior director at Neostasis – a Biogen-Idec innovation Incubator, and later CrownBio, a pre-clinical CRO, before starting his own adventure in 2018. He has over 20 years of professional experiences and specialized in biologics discovery and immunology. He has led multiple projects from discovery to CMC and clinical trials in US and China including PD1, PDL1, cMET-ADC, etc. He has won several awards including AAI (American Association of Immunology) Young Scientist and Junior Faculty awards, Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF) fellowship award, FASEB, etc.

In 2018, Dr. Dong founded Suzhou Neologics Bioscience in BioBay with a mission to become one of the leading biotech companies in China focusing on biologics for immune modulation, particularly in cancer therapeutics. Dr. Dong is also a SIP leading talent in pharmaceutical innovation.
Xin Dong