Yifan Zhai Ph.D.

Industry Honorary Professor 企业特聘教授

Dr. Yifan Zhai
Chief Medical Officer, Ascentage Pharma

翟一帆博士是亚盛医药首席医学官,顺健医药总裁兼首席执行官。她在癌症、免疫、心血管等疾病领域的基因治疗、蛋白质/抗体药物和小分子药物新药研发和临床研究等方面具有30多年的经验;直接领导和参与多项1类原创新药研发,其中 80 多项进入临床各个开发阶段,其中Cabozantinib、Mapatumumab、索拉非尼、奥雷巴替尼实现上市。
翟一帆博士在国际权威期刊发表文章60余篇,申请专利280余项。她曾任美国 NIH 基金评审专家、中山大学第一附属医院特聘教授等职;是广东省创新团队带头人、广州市创新创业领军人才获得者,国家十三五科技重大专项课题负责人、国侨办科技创新委员会委员,美国华人生物医药科技协会(CBA)前会长。

Dr. Yifan Zhai is the Chief Medical Officer of Ascentage Pharma, the President and CEO of HealthQuest Pharma. She has more than 30 years of experience in gene therapy, protein/antibody drug and small molecule drug discovery and clinical research in the fields of cancer, immunology, cardiovascular and other diseases. She has directly led and contributed to bring a number of new drugs, of which more than 80 have entered the clinical stages of development, of which Cabozantinib, Mapatumumab, Sorafenib and Olverembatinib have been launched into the market.
At Ascentage Pharma, Dr. Zhai is responsible for RA, preclinical and global clinical development, and successfully launched Olverembatinib, the first and only China-approved third-generation BCR-ABL inhibitor. Prior to that, Dr. Zhai worked for many well-known companies or organizations, like NCI/NIH, GSK, Bayer、Exelixis , etc. She is one of the inventors and manufacturers of the world’s first tumor vaccines Ad2MART1and Ad2GP100, and co-developed Sorafenib as a patent co-inventor while working at Bayer..
Dr. Zhai is the author of more than 60 academic papers and has applied for mor than 280 patens. Dr. Zhai was a National Institutes of Health (NIH) Funded Specialist, and a Professor at the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University. She was the team leader of Guangdong Province Innovation Team, recognized as Guangzhou Innovation leader, the subject leader of the 13th Five-Year National Science and Technology Major Project, the member of the Science and Technology Innovation Committee of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, and the former president of the Chinese American Biomedical Association (CBA).
Yifan Zhai