Morality, Responsibility, Legitimacy and Interests: A Comparative Investigation of Chinese Humanitarianism in International Peacekeeping


12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


  • 时间: 12:00-1:00PM
  • 日期: 2021年11月18日,星期四
  • 地点: HS463


As China’s economic and political power has grown vastly in the past several decades, so too has its role in the international humanitarian sphere. The country’s increasing integration into mechanisms of multilateral humanitarian coordination has dovetailed with growing contributions to responses to international crises. In particular, China has shown an increased willingness to commit resources towards constructively engaging the international community and contributing responsibly to stability and security in a widening array of locations. Its expanding role in United Nations peacekeeping is one important manifestation of this trend. Despite the importance of China’s growing engagement in UN peacekeeping, its role deserves more fine-grained analysis than it has so far received. Drawing on interviews conducted with a range of relevant officials and experts in China as well as a large-N online survey experiment which aimed to gauge Chinese public’s attitude toward UNPKOs, this presentation addresses the question of how the government and the public view Chinese humanitarianism in international peacekeeping in terms of morality, responsibility, legitimacy, and interests involved.


Dr Fanglu Sun is an assistant professor in the School of International Relations & Public Affairs, Fudan University. She received her PhD from Rice University. Her research broadly focuses on the process and dynamics of international conflict, China’s role in global security, and Chinese foreign policy. In her research, she applies quantitative analysis, spatial statistics, and formal modelling. Her work has been published as policy reports and peer-reviewed articles on Chinese Journal of International Politics, Chinese Political Science Review, International Journal, S+F Sicherheit und Frieden Security and Peace, OrizzonteCina Quarterly, etc. She is currently completing a book manuscript on data mining and analysis in political science.