Strategic Synergy: China-Middle East Relations in the Context of Global Geopolitical Change


12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


  • 时间: 12:00PM-1:00PM
  • 日期: 2022年3月31日,星期四
  • 地点: Zhumu (请联系 获取更多线上参与详情)


The current global order is undergoing profound and drastic changes, among which any further disturbance or turmoil in the Middle East would also serve as an indicator with wide-ranging implications. As an emerging world power with traditionally friendly relations with the Middle Eastern states, China has various advantages in becoming a stable partner of the Middle East in an uncertain world, and the policy of “Looking East” in many Middle Eastern states reflects such possibility. In this lecture, the speaker will first contextualize the current Middle East crisis in global geopolitical change, and elaborate on the position of the Middle East in China’s International Relations, which leads to laying out China’s strategy synergy with Middle East under the framework of Belt and Road Initiative.


Jiuzhou Duan is an Assistant Professor of political science in institute for international and area studies at Tsinghua University, China. He has previously taught international affairs at Schwarzman College in Tsinghua University. He was a former Rajawali fellow at Harvard Kennedy School and visiting scholar at American University in Cairo. His research is focused on the field of Middle East politics and society in general, with a special concentration on state-society relations, China-Middle East relation, and the political economy of development. He is Chinese national who speaks fluent modern standard Arabic and is familiar with modern Turkish. He has lived and conducted field research in the Middle East for more than 2 years, and he regularly travels between China and the region.