Kai Tan Le

XJTLU Museum has been presenting a series of lectures and activities called “Kai Tan Le” that invite renowned artists, authors and scholars to give talks on different aspects of Suzhou culture. It has attracted over a thousand XJTLU students, staff and faculty members to participate since its launch at the end of 2014. The first season of the “Kai Tan Le” Culture Lecture series features 12 independent sessions. The topics are set around Suzhou’s traditional culture and Suzhou’s craftsmen, writers, and scholars, ranging from Wu School paintings, wood carving, and the Suzhou embroidery to the Kunqu opera, Pingtan, and garden art. Most of Suzhou’s cultural heritage has been covered so that visitors from all over the world can gain an in-depth understanding about Suzhou’s cultural identity, and that a platform for the integration of Chinese and Western culture has been established.

Themed on “The Leading Museums”, the Second Season of XJTLU Museum Culture Lecture highlights gurus from renowned museums. Invited by the University, they share expertise and legacy of museums, which enables XJTLU staff and students to learn more about various museums, history and culture without leaving the campus, and deepens the bonds between the University and off-campus museums.

“W•E” Events

  • W•E Talks

  • “W•E Talks” is its sub-series event which is in the form of short, powerful talks, aiming to have an exploration of the wisdom of the minds. In “W•E Talks”, we invite three experts in specific fields to talk about their ideas and to share their stories on a wide range of subjects. We hope it could help our students to learn the experiences from others and to extend their insights about their learning, career and even life.

  • W•E Musicale

  • “W•E Musicale” is its sub-series event which is organized by the XJTU Museum and Art Association. Students supervised by the Art Association are regularly invited to perform different kinds of music for fellow XJTLU students and teachers.

  • W•E Salon

  • Besides “W•E Talks” and “W•E Musicale”, “W•E Salon” is another new program which is organized by XJTLU Museum. Renowned artists, entrepreneurs, talk show actors, authors and scholars who are widely recognized for their achievements in different fields will be invited to “W•E Salon”.