CHE seminar in Week 5


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


Time: 1pm

Date: October 22nd, 2021

Format: Online broadcasting

Venue: 瞩目 Meeting

Meeting ID: 620 296 671

Lecturer: Dr. Linghan Ye

Title: Ferroelectric Switching and d33 Mapping of Micro-Patterned Piezoelectrics by Piezo Force Microscopy


The domain configurations and piezoelectric coefficient of ferroelectric materials such as PZT and PMN-PT thin films can have a significant effect on the optimization of future electronic devices. Piezo Force Microscopy (PFM) is an ideal tool based on Atomic Force Microscopy that allows unique investigations of such nanoscale effects, and can further be implemented to monitor domain switching dynamics.

Utilizing PFM, the domain orientations as well as switching dynamics can be tracked in-situ. As the lateral dimension plays an important role in ferroelectric properties since it influences in-plane strain, both normal and lateral domain orientations are uniquely mapped simultaneously. Furthermore, a piezoelectric enhancement at edges of engineered nano islands is directly observed. Such insights are crucial for ferroelectric strain engineering efforts, the development of new device mechanisms, and their ultimate performance.


Dr. Linghan Ye graduated from the University of Connecticut, Institute of Materials Science (Storrs, CT) in 2016. She is now working at Bruker Nano Surfaces. Among many research achievements, here is a brief summary.
• Discovered the ferroelectric properties in thin-film perovskite solar cells with PFM
• Developed a new technique to study ferroelectric islands, eliminate the limitation of conventional methodology
• Collaborated with IBM research center, measured piezo coefficient of MEMs for use in piezoelectronic transistor
• Investigated domain switching dynamics of BiFeO3 and PZT thin films to optimize spintronics and memory