Theofanis Krevaikas


Dr Theofanis Krevaikas has a strong background in static interventions on existing structures both as a structural engineer and as a researcher. Within the requirements of his PhD degree, he conducted extensive experimental and analytical research in the area of structural upgrading of masonry structures with FRPs. During his PhD studies he had the opportunity of acquiring skills pertinent to both experimental and analytical issues. More specifically, he gained considerable laboratory experience that involves all stages of an experimental program, from the conception stage, to the specimens’ production, the test set-up / test conductance and the evaluation of the derived results. On the other hand, he was specialized in the analytical study of FRP-based strengthening techniques (with emphasis in applications to masonry structures) and developed substantial programming skills. The last three years he supervised three FYPs, three SURF programs and he is conducting experiments under the funding of a Research Development project, all focused on the application of TRMs on masonry structures
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