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Dr. Haili Wu is an Associate Professor of Practice in Economics at International Business School Suzhou (IBSS), Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in the UK. As an expert in behavioural science and cross cultural business decision making, Dr. Wu holds BA and MA in Economics at Cambridge University, LLM (Master of Laws) at Queen Mary College, University of London, and PhD in Psychology at University College London (UCL). Psychology Department at UCL ranks first in the UK and second in the world, next to Harvard University, according to ShanghaiRanking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2020-2022. Dr. Wu is currently collaborated with Cambridge University in the UK, Harvard University and Columbia University in the USA on several research projects.

武海丽现任西交利物浦大学商学院经济学副教授、英国高等教育学会会士。作为行为科学和跨文化商业决策专家,海丽教授拥有英国剑桥大学经济学学士和硕士学位、伦敦大学玛丽亚皇后学院法学硕士学位、和伦敦大学学院(UCL)心理学博士学位。伦敦大学学院(UCL)的心理学科在最近三年的“软科世界一流学科排名 – 心理学”排名中一直处于全英国第一和全球第二名,仅次于美国哈佛大学。目前,海丽教授正与英国剑桥大学、美国哈佛大学和美国哥伦比亚大学合作开展多个研究项目。

In Haili’s professional life, she is a Chartered Financial Analyst since June 2013, with over a decade’s experience working in the London financial sector, including the Chief Economist at a UK hedge fund and risk and compliance manager at Agricultural Bank of China (UK) Ltd. Her extensive experiences of consulting for governmental bodies include providing economic advice to the government of Saudi Arabia in 2010, being a senior advisor to the government of Hohhot, the capital of Inner-Mongolia, and to the government of Yangpu special economic zone in Hainan, the largest free trade zone in China. Currently, Haili is an industry expert member at AIMA (The Alternative Investment Management Association Limited), headquartered in London.

在海丽教授的业界工作经历方面,她于 2013 年 6 月获得国际特许金融分析师证书(CFA),并在伦敦金融行业拥有超过十年的工作经验,其中包括英国对冲基金首席经济学家和中国农业银行(英国)有限公司风险与合规经理。海丽教授还拥有丰富的政府高级顾问经验。她于2010年为沙特阿拉伯政府提供经济咨询,并曾担任过内蒙古首府呼和浩特市政府高级顾问和中国最大的自由贸易区海南洋浦经济特区政府高级顾问。她目前被总部位于伦敦的国际AIMA(另类投资管理协会)聘为行业专家成员。

Haili’s academic and professional background is demonstrative of her keen interest in the value of inter-disciplinary, cross different fields (Economics/Finance in academic and practice) and cross-cultural research. Her 10-year research conducted at UCL’s Centre for the Study of Decision-Making Uncertainty (CSDU) is underpinned by several theoretical foundations including Cultural Psychology, Economics/Finance, Sociology and law. The founder and director of CSUD, Professor David Tuckett, is Haili’s PhD supervisor. David Tuckett, is a professor in Psychology at UCL, a professor at Blavatnik School of Government in University of Oxford, and an external advisor to the Bank of England, the UK’s central bank. Professor Tuckett is the pioneer of the new research filed “Emotional Finance”, which is well recognised by Nobel economic prize winner, George Akerlof, and famous hedge fund manager, George Soros. CSDU is a world-renowned multi-disciplinary research think tank sponsored by The Institute for New Economic Thinking and providing policy advice to the G20 and associated international organizations.

海丽教授的学术和业界背景显示了她对跨学科、跨领域 (金融/经济学的理论和实践) 和跨文化研究的浓厚兴趣。她在伦敦大学学院(UCL)决策不确定性研究中心 (CSDU) 研究了 10 年的研究项目涉及文化心理学、经济学、金融学、社会学和法学。CSDU 的创始人和主任,David Tuckett 教授,是海丽教授的博士研究项目导师。David Tuckett是英国伦敦大学学院(UCL)心理学教授、牛津大学布拉瓦尼克政府学院教授、和英国央行英格兰银行的特聘顾问。David Tuckett教授是“情绪金融学”这一新研究领域的开创者,该领域得到诺贝尔经济学奖得主George Akerlof和著名对冲基金经理乔治·索罗斯的高度认可。CSDU是世界著名的多学科研究智库,是由国际新经济思维研究所赞助,为G20及相关国际组织提供政策咨询。

Haili has published in a leading research journal as the first and only author: the Journal of Behavioral Finance (SSCI, ABDC A). She has also written a chapter in the book titled Developing the Intuitive Executive: Using Analytics and Intuition for Success published by Taylor & Francis. Haili has presented at the international conference in South America hosted by International Finance and Banking Society, and has been invited to deliver seminars at many top research institutions, such as Cambridge University.

海丽教授以第一作者和唯一作者的身份在世界领先的SSCI研究期刊上发表了文章。该期刊(“行为金融学期刊”)被国际著名商学院期刊评审委员会评为A级期刊。她还在Taylor & Francis出版的《培养直觉型高管:利用分析和直觉获得成功》一书中撰写了一章。海丽教授还曾受邀在南美洲智利举办的国际金融和银行年会上讲话,并受邀在许多世界著名大学的研究机构做讲座,比如剑桥大学商学院等。

Haili’s research focuses on the areas of economic/financial decision making, cultural influence on business, cross-cultural psychology, international trades, capital markets and the Chinese economy. Her teaching covers a broad range of modules in Economics and Finance. At XJTLU, she supervises doctorial, master and undergraduate dissertations.

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