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I am Dr. Xiaoying Pang, an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics at the School of Mathematics and Physics at XJTLU. My research interests include the formation and evolution of star clusters, binary evolution in star clusters, and the morphology of open clusters. My work in these areas has been published in several prestigious journals, including the Astrophysical Journal Letters, the Astrophysical Journal, the Astrophysical Journal Supplements, the Astronomical Journal, and Research in Astrophysics and Astronomy. I have led two research programs to completion under the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), and I am currently the Principal Investigator (PI) of an NSFC general program, a China Space Station Telescope (CSST) program, and a Co-Investigator of an NSFC Key program. In 2022, a paper of which I am the corresponding author was awarded the IOP Top Cited Paper Award 2022 in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Beside research, I also enthusiastic at outreach activity. One of my successful outreach activities is the play entitled "Space Meet Cute," which I wrote to popularize the science of searching for the second earth-like planet. The play debuted on November 18, 2022, at XJTLU and generated a lot of buzz on campus, drawing a significant crowd to the performance. The overwhelmingly positive response to the play was a testament to its effectiveness in engaging the audience and making science accessible to the general public.

In addition to my research work, I am also actively involved in teaching activities. I have developed the "Scientists Creation 101" program, which provides undergraduate students with hands-on research experience. Ten students have been involved in five paper publications through this program. I have also incorporated superheroes into my physics teaching and initiated the "XJTLU Superhero Design Contest" in 2021, which has become an annual event for students to design their own superheroes with the physics they have learned. I received the Highly Commended award for the Most Innovative Teaching Practice in the 2019/2020 Annual XJTLU Learning and Teaching Award, and in 2020, I won the third prize in the micro-teaching video competition in Jiangsu Province. I have been awarded the titles of 2019-2020 Excellent Educator in Suzhou City, Excellent Educator in Suzhou Industrial Park District, Teaching Qinglan Talent Award of Jiangsu Province, and Teaching and Research Talent Award of Suzhou City (苏州市先进教育工作者,苏州工业园区先进教育工作者,江苏省青蓝工程教师骨干,苏州市科教骨干人才).

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