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Ying is an epidemiologist working extensively in healthcare research. He has extensive experience in observational and experimental studies, including clinical trials. His research has been focusing on disease surveillance, disease prevention, early diagnosis and intervention, disease management, drug safety and health economic evaluation. He has a particular interest in use of big real-world database of electronic health records (e.g. the UK national primary care database - Clinical Practice Research Datalink, the UK national hospital records - Hospital Episode Statistics). He has successful experience (as lead applicant) in applying research grants from UK national funding bodies, e.g. the National Institute for Health Research and the Royal College of General Practitioners, for studies using electronic medical database.

He is an applied statistician with a wide range of analytical experience. His work uses a very broad of statistical methods, from basic hypothesis testing, traditional regression analysis to novel technologies for large and complex dataset. He contributes to the writing of scientific presentation, report and paper, sometimes as the leading and corresponding author of a multi-authored publication on medical/scientific journals. To date, he has published around 70 SCI publications, many of which are in the top journals such as BMC medicine, Pain, BJGP and GEH. He is a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society. He serves as a member of Editorial Board for Life (published by MDPI) and Scientific Reports (published by Nature Publishing Group).

Apart from his profession in epidemiology and biostatistics, he also has a strong background in biomedical sciences. He is familiar with molecular biology, cellular biology, animal model and various lab technologies in biology through previous training; obtained a postgraduate degree in infectious and inflammatory diseases; and understands genetics on the doctoral level.

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His research ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5919-743X.

陈鹰是一位流行病学者,长期从事医疗卫生方面的研究工作。他对流行病学领域的观察与试验性研究,都有着丰富的经验。他的研究内容包括疾病监测,疾病预防,早期诊断与干预,疾病管理, 药物安全性以及健康经济学评估。他特别致力于运用大型电子医疗信息数据库的健康医学研究。他领导过多项英国国家级经费机构(比如,国家健康研究所,皇家全科医生协会)出资赞助的此类研究项目。

他是一名经验丰富的应用医学统计师。精通非常广泛的统计方法,包括传统的经典统计到处理大型复杂数据的先进方法。他参与过多项三期临床试验的设计与分析。至今为止,他发表了约70篇SCI经同行评审的医学或科学全文论文,其中的很多数发表在其专业领域的国际顶尖期刊,比如,近期发表的有BMC Medicine, Pain, BJGP, GEH, One Health和JAH。另有众多科研成果将于近期发表。

陈鹰从2012年起,参与博士生辅导工作,至今有四位博士生毕业。现为西安交通利物浦大学高级副教授,博士生导师(博士生毕业后授予利物浦大学博士学位),应用统计硕士学位课程主任。他是基尔大学荣誉研究员。他是英国皇家统计学会会员。他是几十种专业期刊 (包括Lancet, JAMA子刊)的通稿或统计学审稿人,并对科学思维在青少年中的培养有浓厚兴趣。他是Scientific Reports 与 Life 的编委成员。H-index - 22.

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