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Prof Gisela Loehlein has a global experience in sustainable Architecture in academia, government and private practice. Gisela’s versatile nature and keen interest in cultures has expanded her portfolio across the America, Europe, Australasia and Middle East.

Prof Gisela Loehlein has more than 2 decades of Higher education experience. During that time, she has spearheaded new initiatives in architecture and higher education. Having worked in practice on over 30 of the renowned projects that Dubai and its region is synonymous with. As an experienced senior academic executive, she led policy alignment, international quality assurance initiatives, recruitment, retention, and campus development initiatives. Previously she was University President for the New School of Architecture and Design in San Diego, USA. She has been Head of Architecture and Design for 5 years at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in Suzhou, China.

Her graduates have gained international acclaim, winning the Aga Khan Award, as well as scholarship recipients of top international architecture schools such as Harvard, Princeton, Delft university to just name a few. She is well versed in diverse higher education and systems and frameworks.

Prof Gisela Loehlein is a thought leader and regularly serves as advisor to senior leaders, organization, and colleges across the world on capacity building and internationalization, future proofing higher education and architecture and design. A natural international networker that always strive to surpass expectation and providing colleagues and students a cohesive enabling environment.

In higher education administrative roles, she helped to drive meaningful change in higher education as advisor to sheikhs in the UAE or in her role as advisor to the German Bundestag as part of the higher education reform in Europe.

Raised in a brick manufacturing dynasty family in Germany, she initially went to a management school in Germany before going to the UK for her Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering and a Ph.D. in Architecture.
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