The College of Industry-Entrepreneurs (CIE) is a leading-edge interdisciplinary and ecological institution that integrates industry research, solution design, joint implementation, talent cultivation, continuous support, and think tank services. As a sub-institution of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) funded by donations from the community and industry, CIE operates with a governance model that synergises business efficiency with academic rigour. We aim to consolidate diverse resources, nurture industrial ecosystems, enable Industry-Entrepreneurs, and generate multi-dimensional industry values. We are committed to harvesting the dividends of ecosystem development while actively contributing to societal advancement.

In this digital and AI era marked by social paradigm shifts, industrial transformation triggered by disruptive technologies, reconstruction of global value chains, and China’s transition to high-quality growth, CIE’s vision is to build an innovation ecosystem that is deeply intertwined with academia, industry, and society. We embrace our roles as “catalysts”, “binders”, and “accelerators” in the transformation of strategic industries and technological industrialisation, thereby redefining the social responsibilities of universities.

In light of future social trends and industry requirements, CIE is at the forefront of establishing relevant research centres. These include the Industrial Software Ecosystem Research Centre, Digital Transformation Research Centre, Strategic Issues of Industrial Innovation & Development Research Centre, Ecosystem Management Research Centre, and the HeXie Succession & Continuous Innovation Research Centre. By leveraging XJTLU’s technological resources, human capital, and societal assets, CIE aims to effectively support industrial evolution. We extend invitations to professionals and organisations, inviting them to form a strategic resource alliance. We seek individuals with strong academic backgrounds and extensive practical experience to serve as deans for each of the industry departments, who can be deeply involved with the co-creation, co-construction, and co-evolution of industry innovation clusters and ecosystems.

With a steadfast commitment to progress, CIE will continuously optimise its strategies and deepen its expertise in industrial ecosystem development. We will implement talent cultivation initiatives that align with current needs, driving innovations forward. With unwavering resolve, CIE aspires to become a leading platform that nurtures the creation of industrial ecosystems, empowers the growth of Industry-Entrepreneurs, and supports the healthy development of businesses.


Frontier technologies such as networking, digitalisation, intelligentisation, and in particular, generative AI are accelerating the shift of social paradigm and the transformation of the global industrial landscape. In this era brimming with opportunities and challenges, ecological development across industries has become the prevailing trend. The ability to create and capitalise on ecological dividends is a testament to entrepreneurial leadership qualities. A class of Industry-Entrepreneurs, armed with keen instincts and foresight for innovation and growth, is gradually emerging. They excel in their abilities to transcend organisational boundaries, integrate key resources, solve critical problems, and create value, all of which collectively drive the development of industrial ecosystems.

Industry-Entrepreneurs possess the capability to build on a demand or a specific industry, utilising the value network to swiftly access relevant resources. They are adept at attracting potential partners, cultivating networks, and establishing industrial ecosystems. Their endeavours aim to foster the creation of new industries, as well as drive the transformation, upgrade and innovation of existing ones.

Focused on driving future social and industrial development, the College of Industry-Entrepreneurs (CIE) leverages the XJTLU technology platform and international network to integrate both domestic and global resources. CIE actively engages with companies and industries, providing expert consultation for collaborative research, design, and implementation of innovative projects to foster industrial upgrading and development, and training and nurturing of talents. CIE also strives to create, promote and support those future-oriented and dynamic industries, to nurture and empower Industry-Entrepreneurs to lead industries and excel globally. Additionally, CIE works diligently to aggregate, create, and refine solutions and knowledge systems for industrial ecosystem development. By establishing a supportive platform tailored to the needs of Industry-Entrepreneurs, CIE aims to foster their growth and help transform the industrial ecosystem.

To those who aspire to create industrial innovation ecosystems in China and elsewhere, we invite you to join us at CIE. Together, let’s unlock the limitless potential of the industrial ecosystem and contribute positively to society and mankind.

Professor Youmin Xi

Dean, College of Industry-Entrepreneurs

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