We live in unprecedented times. This is an era where the challenges that we face are more complex, networked, and ambiguous. The speed of change, as a result of rapid technological disruptions, has never been this fast, and will never be this slow again.

In the future of work, there is a strong demand for technological elites with entrepreneurial mindset. These are leaders who thrive through transdisciplinary thinking, forging strong collaborations, understanding complex problems, and creating solutions using knowledge, skills and practices unhinged by professional silos.

This is a time for fundamental changes in how we approach education. Through Syntegrative Education, the School of CHIPS aims to produce these leaders who will push the horizon in microelectronics science and engineering and deliver meaningful solutions.

To do this, we have created a future-focused learning ecosystem. This is a resilient community of mutual learning, built together with our partners and stakeholders where we create impacts through a unique style of learning and deep engagement in research and professional practices.

Join us, and see how you fit in. It will be an enriching journey of discovery for you.

We look forward to engaging you!

Professor Eng Hwa Yap
The School of CHIPS

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