Research Innovation Ecosystem

Research Innovation Ecosystem

With its abundant scientific research and international collaboration resources, as well as those from its two parent universities, namely the University of Liverpool in the UK and Xi’an Jiaotong University in Xi’an, XJTLU continues to contribute to the construction of a research engagement and innovation service system aiming at ecological integration and value creation.

By establishing professional teams, XJTLU gives full play to the advantages of research and research innovation resources and platforms such as the Key Laboratories, Engineering Research Centres and Research Innovation Platforms, and carries out businesses around collaborative R&D, technology consultancy, technology trading, training services and start-up incubation.

XJTLU is committed to creating an innovation ecosystem that integrates industries, the University, and research institutions while facilitating cross-field collaborations in intellectual property rights. Meanwhile, XJTLU actively explores a more effective research collaboration mechanism and accelerates research outputs to contribute to public interests.

  • For industrial collaboration queries, please contact Jia Wu on 0512-81884872 or Jing Zhou on 0512-88167883
  • For patent-related queries, please contact Jing Qian on 0512-89173986
  • For international collaboration queries, please contact Lu Zhang on 0512-8897-0396
  • For business incubation consulting queries, please contact Chengxiao Wang on 0512-81884991
  • For innovation and entrepreneurship cooperation, please contact Xinjie Zou on 0512-88161716

Professional teams

Five teams work closely to construct the research and innovation ecosystem.

  • The Community and Industry Engagement Team is responsible for the maintenance of industrial relations and business outreach. Our professionals also aim to expand XJTLU’s networks with industry and lead the Suzhou Intellectual Property Operation Association.
  • The Global Research Engagement Team takes care of the application of international grants and awards, and the operation of XJTLU’s client groups worldwide. The team also provides support for international collaboration projects.
  • The Commercialisation Team is in charge of the management and transfer of XJTLU’s research output. Our experts specialise in facilitating commercialisation, technology marketing, technology evaluation, and intellectual property management.
  • The Innovation Units Support Team provides support for industrial collaboration research platforms and institutions.
  • The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support Team is responsible for the operation of XJTLU Maker Space, start-up incubation, entrepreneurship consultancy and training.

Research innovation platform

University research innovation platforms

  • International Technology Transfer Centre – The centre oversees the commercialisation of new technologies, promotes regional economic growth and structure upgrades relying on international advanced technology, and provides a model for research in fields such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, biomedicine, information technology, energy, and health.
  • International Innovation Hub – Xi ‘an Jiaotong-Liverpool University International Innovation Hub is a platform for research and innovation of Xi ‘an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, and an important link in the integrated ecosystem of research and social services of XJTLU. XJTLU-IIH is committed to providing an innovation ecosystem which is composed of innovative consultation services, proof-of-concept platform, business incubation guidance, and the introduction of venture capital and other activities. The cooperation network is set up between government, enterprises, production, learning and research. The whole process of opening up new discoveries, transforming new technologies into new products and services. Accelerate the cultivation of intellectual property intensive enterprises to promote the technology transformation and industrial development, and support the regional development strategy for innovation-driven development in Suzhou and the whole southern Jiangsu region.
  • Intellectual Property Information Service Centre – IPISC integrates the advantages of intellectual property resource construction, and information dissemination of the XJTLU Library to provide professional IP information services.

Innovation cooperation ecology

  • Suzhou Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool Technology Transfer Center Co.,Ltd – Adhering to the concept of “Innovation Technology Transfer and Regional Development Service”, focusing on the market-oriented and industrialised application of technology achievements, we are committed to building a mutually beneficial portal for global emerging technology innovators, and become an advocate and practitioner of a broad-based and forward-looking technology innovation ecology chain.
  • Suzhou Intellectual Property Operation Association is a non-profit social organisation initiated by Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University that builds an interdisciplinary innovation ecology of intellectual property. It is committed to becoming a new intellectual property operation platform with government guidance, market drive and ecological integration.(

Core businesses

Core businesses help accelerate the improvement of XJTLU’s research and innovation capability.

  • Collaborative R&D – Acting as a technology agency, the REIO aims to promote collaboration between enterprises and research institutes in the form of funds, talent development, and capital investment.
  • Consulting services – Collecting high-end research talents and information resources at home and abroad, and providing professional consulting services including technology transfer consulting, industrial technology consulting, industrial development and policy research, intellectual property information services.
  • Technology trading – As with a technology agency, the REIO aims to provide professional trading services to enhance the research and development of new technologies, new products, new processes or new materials, and systems between the demand-side and the supply-side.
  • IP Service – Mainly responsible for patent application, patent navigation, patent operation, contract signing and other patent-related work.
  • Training service – The REIO continuously provides innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership training, industry-related training and customised professional courses. The office also provides various courses on the integration of industry and education for enterprises and governments at all levels to serve the upgrade and transformation of regional enterprises.
  • Start-up incubation – The REIO integrates the resources and influences of multiple research areas of the University and provides entrepreneurs with workstations, independent offices, and incubation service platforms and resources.