Founded in 2020, the Design School consists of the Departments of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Industrial Design and Urban Planning and Design. We aspire to become a leading interdisciplinary built-environment education unit in China and beyond. Our students are exposed to a research-led, interdisciplinary learning environment that amalgamates design knowledge as well as technical and management education. Our programmes in architecture, architectural engineering, civil engineering and industrial design have gained international validations and accreditations by leading professional institutions, showcasing the learning quality and global recognition of our graduates.

Dedicated to sustainability, the Design School houses some of the leading research institutes, centres and laboratories focused on sustainable and digital design with significant collaborations and projects with industrial partners. The Design School plays a leading role in producing high-quality research in a number of areas:

  • Sustainable regeneration and revitalisation
  • Green and smart cities
  • Digital design for enhanced human environments
  • Sustainable and advanced materials
  • Social innovation



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