HeXie Management Research Centre (HeXie Centre or HeXie Academy), is a comprehensive research institute that offers multidisciplinary insights for the academy, teaching, and training in management, education and sociology, aiming to contribute to the development of human society. As the Innovation Platform of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, HeXie Centre focuses on the research and practical application of the HeXie Management Theory to gather intelligence, conduct social experiments, and build a high-level academic research and educational innovation ecosystem. Through integrating eastern and western wisdom, combining history and future, bridging the gap between theory and practice, HeXie Centre is committed to inspiring, nurturing imagination and creativity, spurring leading and original innovation, making pioneering contributions to the development of management theory, industrial innovation ecosystem, high-quality economic and social innovation in China and the world.


HeXie Management Research Centre has conducted large-scale research by applying the HeXie Management Theory, in three interdisciplinary research fields that combine from Digital & Intelligent Ecosystem Research, Future Social Life and Governance Innovation Research to Research on Sustainable Development.

  • Digital & Intelligent Ecosystem Research based on the HeXie Management Theory. Focus on the ecosystem of industrial innovation, ecosystem organizations – strategy – leadership – governance, HeXie education and integration between industry and education (Syntegrative Education), industrial internet and digital transformation, digital entrepreneurship and innovation, big data-driven decision-making and financial markets, business succession and innovation, and intelligent strategic human resources etc.
  • Future Social Life and Governance Innovation Research based on the HeXie Management Theory. Focus on modern Chinese governance, elderly care services, healthcare data studio, age-friendly technology innovation, innovation in care and wellness services, digital creativity, social governance and future communities in digital & intelligent era, smart cities and urban regeneration, social innovation, public charity and common prosperity research topics.
  • Research on Sustainable Development inspired by the HeXie Management Theory. Focus on the carbon neutrality, ESG (environment, society & governance) strategic transformation, carbon market, energy transition, new energy industry, environmental protection, sustainable development strategy, green supply chain management, and mechanism for harmonious coexistence between humans and nature etc.
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