“Established in September 2020, the School of Science at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) embodies a vibrant commitment to the advancement of knowledge, research excellence, and transformative education within the realm of scientific inquiry, exploration and innovation. Our School is composed a tight-knit professional family of international scholars and serves as a beacon for interdisciplinary collaboration and high-quality research outputs.

Embracing our global identity, the School of Science proudly champions international exchange, cooperation and partnership. We welcome and encourage scholars and students from around the world to join our growing academic community, infusing our School environment with a rich diversity of perspectives, ideas and experiences. Our commitment to intercultural dialogue not only enhances our own learning community but also contributes to the global discourse on science and its transformative power to reshape our world.”

As a pre-eminent international university, XJTLU and our School of Science blends the best of both Western and Chinese wisdom. We are unique and bold, with a passionate commitment to educate and train the next generation of innovative thinkers and global citizens and leaders, like you.

We welcome students to join us from China and across the world on a fantastic journey and time of Exploration, Growth and Empowerment that will forever shape you into an Ambitious, Capable and Caring person. I assure you that your XJTLU experience in our School of Science will be filled with the excitement of discovery, the joy of learning, the reward of life-long friendships and the belief in yourself to be the social agent of change our world needs.

Professor John Moraros
Dean, School of Science
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