XJTLU-JITRI Academy of Industrial Technology is a joint academic venture established by Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) and Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute (JITRI). As an academic unit under XJTLU, the Academy leverages the strengths of both institutions to create an academy with an in-depth integration between industry, education and research. The purpose is the cross-disciplinary cultivation of innovative, application-oriented, and adaptable talent fit to lead the development of modern industries, while creating a value- and innovation-oriented industry-education-research ecosystem.

Vision: With close ties to XJTLU, the Academy aims to create and become a beacon for the integration of industry, education and research in China through the establishment of new innovation ecosystems.

Mission: The Academy aims to cultivate future industry elites with professional knowledge, industry insight, entrepreneurship and innovation capabilities through industrial education & research (IER), develop international innovation platforms, form key research cooperation projects and collaborative laboratories, facilitate the application of research achievements, enhance industry influence and value creation, promote the innovation and advancement of the industry talent ecosystem, and provide talent and technological research support for the IER ecosystem of the Yangtze River Delta.

Development Positioning:

Based on XJTLU’s existing postgraduate training system, the Academy’s goal is to cultivate industry elites and leaders. It will leverage the research projects of the specialized research institutes of JITRI, joint ventures of JITRI, and the XJTLU to integrate the education chain and industry chain, build a “test field” for education reform and industry innovation and become an example of XJTLU 2.0 and an explorer of XJTLU 3.0.

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