Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University adheres to the rigorous international intellectual property academic tradition and always attaches importance to intellectual property innovation. XJTLU strives to create an open and integrated innovation environment, to promote the healthy development of intellectual property work at XJTLU.

The number of XJTLU’s patent applications has been increasing year over year. As of 31 December 2022, XJTLU had applied for a total of 466 patents. The majority of these (450) were applied for in China, and the remaining 10 were applied for internationally via PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) , 6 of them has been entered the national stage. The number of patent applications has increased year by year, and 168 patents have been authorized.

XJTLU’s patent applications are mainly for inventions, which account for 80.47% of the total number (see figure 1). These inventions are mainly for basic electric elements, computation or calculation elements, or devices used in measuring or testing (figure 2).

(Data by 31 December 2022)

patent en

Figure 1 – Types of patent application

patent2 en

Figure 2 – Distribution of the main fields of patent applications

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