If you need to go to the hospital due to any illness or injury, there are several facilities in Suzhou, and some even have doctors who can speak English. Suzhou has 243 hospitals and 86 health centres with well-supported medical systems. A few hundred metres from XJTLU’s South Campus is the Dushu Lake Hospital, and the larger Kowloon Hospital is a few kilometres away. There is also the nationally renowned Soochow University Hospital in Gusu District, which is the largest and most specialised hospital in Suzhou. Equipped with world-class equipment and nationally renowned experts in various fields, it is rated as a Third-class hospital, which is the highest standard for hospitals in China.


For daily healthcare products and over-the-counter medication, there are numerous pharmacies, some open 24/7.

In addition to physical health, XJTLU attaches great importance to students’ and staff’s mental health and has a Student Counselling Centre (SCC) that offers professional and effective counselling to students. Students and staff can make appointments for counselling while on campus, and the SCC also provides online or hotline appointments on vacation needed. Moreover, the SCC regularly promotes knowledge of mental health and organises relative activitie

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