Digital Transformation Research Centre

Digital Transformation Research Centre


Today, digital transformation is a key driver of development across industries. Against this backdrop, the Digital Transformation Research Centre, a knowledge and innovation centre for digital transformation, was formed. Part of XJTLU’s College of Industry-Entrepreneurs, the Centre is building an “ecosystem” for digital transformation that promotes mutually beneficial collaboration along the industry value chain. The Centre uses data and technology to explore the future with foresight. It combines data with business practices to reshape organisational capabilities; bridges technology and practice to seek optimal models for industrial digitalisation; and uses digital intelligence to research innovation and the digital transformation of industry.

The Centre studies and promotes interdisciplinary cooperation in digital technology consulting, strategic planning, and customised solutions. It provides technology application and talent cultivation services that contribute to the successful digital transformation of organisations. In addition, the Centre fosters an ecosystem for digital transformation and a service platform that integrates industries, universities, research, innovation, and training. By doing so, the Centre bridges the gap between theory and practice, making an impact on industrial digitalisation and the digital transformation of industry. The Centre helps organisations enhance their capabilities, reduce costs, increase benefits, and foster a second growth curve.

In terms of research, the Centre focuses on exploring integration with data and developing core output capabilities. The research areas include:
1. Data + Technology: This involves the digital construction of new infrastructure, the design of digital bases, and the use of digital tools;
2. Digital + Talent: This focuses on building a digital talent team and designing a growth path for their development;
3. Digital + Product and Service: This includes leveraging data services to enable product innovation, business pattern innovation, and the remodelling of user experiences;
4. Data + Process and Operation: This area emphasises smart operation, process reorganisation, and intelligent decision-making through the application of data.

Research Team

Dr Xin Bi

Chief Officer of Data, Director of the Digital Transformation Research Centre and Director of the Centre for Knowledge and Information, XJTLU

Secretary General, the Metaverse Committee of Suzhou Software Industry Association

Member, the Copyright Expert Database of Suzhou Intellectual Property Office